Welcome to Colors in Style by Kari. I’m a color and style consultant from Bergen, Norway I work with  both in person and online analyses.

Did you know that within the seasons, there’s actually hundreds of different variations in our coloring? We are all quite special and few share your exact coloring. This is why the Color Alliance system I work with is also special because it takes this in considerance and picks the colors which will enchant and intensify your personal coloring. The combination of your skin, hair and eye color is the key to your personal palette, and when you are ready it’s my job to unlock this key and you will get a palette with 40 colors which will make you shine.

Many think that Color analysis is only about warm and cold colors, but it’s so much more. It is also about the right contrast level, hues, intensity and chroma of the colors, if you get everything right you will be the best version of yourself.

If you want to find the colors which will make you shine you can contact me on email. HERE

Price for a color consultation is $299 this includes the customised color  fan with 36-40 of your best colors. 

I will add also style consultation to my services later this year.





Just had a wonderful meeting with Kari Talhaug Juvik! She is the best! So knowledgeable & talented in her passion. Thank you again Kari for guiding me towards this exciting journey ! Journey because it is going to be trial & error to put into play the things you’ve shared with me about my palette. I love the colors & you explained & answered a lot of my questions & convinced me I can do it. Now to work on my closet. Thanks Again Kari. It’s been worthwhile & recommend to everyone! Also, it was my Valentines Day Present & what better time to chat with Kari than today!!! ❤️

From Patti

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