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The versatility of a striped dress

Last summer I bought a quite inexpensive striped dress at Lindex, I styled it several ways and had some blogposts about it. Now it’s beautiful summer weather here and I already used this dress a couple of times. The other day I styled it very similar to one of the looks from last year. Same dress, same cardigan, same shoes, the only thing I changed was the bag, and I ditched the hat. Now that my hair is so short I look balled with a hat ha ha. The difference the bag and the new haircut made was really amazing.

Dress – Lindex, cardigan – Louche, sneakers – Adidas, bag – Even & Odd

Even if neither stripes or the colors of the dress are the best for me I think it works when I pair it with my colors.

Here’s same outfit from last summer.


And here’s the other outfits I made with this dress last summer. I sure can use some of them this summer too.



The dress with the green cardigan is still my favorite.


If you want to take a closer look at the outfits I made last summer you can find them here:

The Striped Dress – Take 1 Green cardigan

The striped dress – Take 2 a pop of red

The striped dress – Take 3 Navy blazer

The striped dress – Take 4 with pink denim

The striped dress – Take 5 the beige cardigan


We are in the middle of kitchen renovation, hopefully our new kitchen will be finished next week. Plummer is here now to move around some pipes, something we actually didn’t know was needed. Ah well, it has to be done.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram where I show a little of this and that, fashion, interior, flowers, nature…. It will soon be lots of photos from our new kitchen soon.  @momentsintimebergen 

We enjoy the summer days and since we don’t have a working kitchen it’s barbecue every day.

Until next time


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How to wear an autumn dress in spring

I found this chocolate brown dress on sale in January, I think it was 70% off. It’s from the Norwegian brand Close to my heart. It has pockets, I love it when a dress or a skirt has pockets. My plan was to use it in autumn/winter, but then I decided to try freshen it up for spring.


Jeg kjøpte denne sjokoladebrune kjolen på salg  i januar, 70% avslag, det kan vi like. Den er fra det norske merket Close to my heart og den har lommer. Bare elsker at en kjole har lommer. Planen var å pakke den bort for å bruke den til høsten igjen, men med den kalde våren vi har så er det greit å ha en langermet kjole. Så da frisket jeg den litt opp med noe fargerikt tilbehør. DSC_0415

I’ve fallen in love with the color orange this spring, so I’ve bought a couple of orange items. I haven’t worn orange in my life before, but after the color consultation last summer I’ve found that orange is one of my colors.  The scarf which looks like it’s painted with water colors is one of my favourites and I’ve worn it many times already. I bought it from a friends shop, the brand is Manzini. I found the bag on sale on the webshop Zalando, it’s the brand Even & Odd, which is so funny as my oldest son’s name is Even and my hubbys name is Odd.


Jeg har forelsket meg helt i oransje denne våren, så det har blitt noen oransje tilskudd til garderoben. Jeg har vel knapt eid noe oransje før og ante ikke at det var en farge som kledde meg, men etter fargeanalysen i fjor sommer så har jeg jo funnet ut at det er en av “mine” farger. Skjerfet som ser ut som et akvarell maleri har blitt en favoritt, det kjøpte jeg hos Mocca på Knarvik. Min venninne Hilde eier denne butikken, jeg har aldri vært der, men hun var så snill å sende det til meg etter at jeg så det på Facebooksiden deres. Tror nok jeg må en tur ut dit en gang, ser ut som de har mye fint. Vesken er fra Even & Odd, noe som jeg synes er morsomt siden min eldste sønn heter Even og min samboer heter Odd. Den ble kjøpt på Zalando. 


I think this works, the accessories lightens up the outfit and makes it more springy. Also put on orange nail polish. This is also something I never got right before. I very rarely wore colored nail polish and when I tried it was for some evening party. It looked ok in the night, but when daylight came I couldn’t get it off fast enough, . I understand now it was because I picked the wrong colors. Now I can pick colors from my palette and wear colored nail polish also in bright daylight.


Jeg synes det fungerer, det blir et mer vårlig antrekk. Har også kjøpt orange neglelakk. Farget neglelakk har jeg i grunnen aldri vært noe begeistret for. Det hendte jeg brukte farget neglelakk om jeg skulle på julebord og lignende, men dagen derpå når jeg så på neglene mine kunne jeg ikke få fjernet neglelakken fort nok. I dagslys ble det det som hadde sett OK ut i kveldslys helt feil. Jeg har skjønt nå at det var fordi jeg valgte feile farger på neglelakken, farger som ikke passet til meg. Nå plukker jeg neglelakk ut fra fargepaletten min og synes det er helt topp å bruke farget neglelakk i dagslys også. 


Boots are from Roots, also bought on sale earlier this year. Suede is not the best material in rainy Bergen, but sometimes one have to be a little crazy. 😉 Ha ha

Skolelettene er fra Roots, de fant jeg også på salg, nå er ikke semsket skinn det mest praktiske i regnbyen Bergen, men pyttsan noen ganger er det lov å være litt vågal. 😉

DSC_0431 Right now our house is the total chaos, we’re getting new kitchen cabinets in a couple of weeks and now we ripped out most of the old ones. We are working now on the walls and the ceiling.  I put out photos on Instagram account Momentsintimebergen of the process. The new kitchen will not very traditional and I’m really exited and I hope  will love it once it’s finished.

I disse dager lever vi i det totale kaos. Vi får nytt kjøkken om noen uker, nå er ca halvparten av kjøkkenskapene revet og vi jobber med tak og vegger. Vi har måttet skifte et par takplater og har spikret opp Smart panel for tak på en vegg. Det nye kjøkkenet blir ikke helt A4, så jeg er litt spent på om jeg kommer til å like det så godt som jeg tror… Dere kan følge prosessen på min Instagram konto Momentsintimebergen om dere vil. 

Until next time


(should I add an xoxo?)



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The beauty of a Capsule wardrobe

It’s been a while now since I stumbled upon the concept of capsule wardrobes. It was in April I first read this Blogpost  which changed my opinion about clothes and made my life a bit easier. My wardrobe looked like it had been bombed, I couldn’t find anything and it was a real struggle every day to put together an outfit. All these clothes and nothing to wear. I read this post a Saturday night and really wanted to start right away, but who purges their wardrobes on a Saturday night?? I almost couldn’t sleep all night as I was so excited to start sorting and purging.

Clothes talk


I spent most of he Sunday in the bedroom with all my clothes in a pile on the bed. I couldn’t believe how much it really was. I followed the 5 steps, and I have to say already on the 1st step, you get so much more control. For me choosing a base color was essential, I chose navy and took all the black I wanted to keep and stored it another place. I decided to use navy for spring and summer and use black for autumn and winter. (That’s not exactly what happened, as now black is phasing out of my wardrobe, but that’s another story). What happened was that I fell in love with my clothes all over again, I realised I had a lot of good clothes, and suddenly I was able to see them, and put together outfits with them.


After this lifechanging Sunday in April I’ve actually had a quite simple life when it comes to get dressed. I know where everything is, everything goes together more or less, and when I buy something new I always make sure it will go with at least five other items in my wardrobe. Ofcourse I’ve done a couple of bad choices too, but all and all I’m happy with what I’ve bought. Like this striped dress which seemed to pair nicely up with almost everything.

I’ve had a couple of purges after this Sunday in April, it’s a  work in progress really. And every time I’ve purged it’s been easier to let go of clothes that I’ve kept just in case or for sentimental reasons. I will also give the advice, don’t purge the winter clothes in summer or vice versa. It might be you throw out something you really need. If you have a winter coat you’re not that happy with, wait until winter and until you found the perfect coat before you let it go. If not you might end up buying another coat you’re not that happy with just because it’s cold and you really need a coat to stay warm.


This has all been so inspiring and I’ve also learned I could be an inspiration to others, who would have thought?  When starting up this blog I never intended to be a model myself, I used a mannequin to photograph my clothes until one day my friend Kari told me I should be a model myself and offered to take the photos. We’ve had a couple of photos shoots and a lot of fun, to my surprise I’m not half bad as a model.


I’ve been playing around with my clothes, tried out combinations I really didn’t think would work, some of them has ended up on the list of favorite combinations. I’ve learned always to take photos of the outfits, for some reason it’s much easier to judge from a photo if something works or not. So this is another advice to you, try on different combos, take photos, dare to be silly in front of the camera, pretend you’re a model on a photo shoot. Remember all photos can be deleted and no one needs to see them, and maybe some of them turns out real good. Here’s a Selfies for dummies crash course.

So if you have loads and loads of clothes in your wardrobe, but nothing to wear, consider a capsule wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a set number of clothes, if you have 100 pieces or more you’d like to keep, keep them, but sort them into seasons and colors. That way yo will get a much easier life when it comes to get dressed in the morning. Challenge yourself, do a 30×30 challenge, that means for 30 days you only wear 30 pieces of clothing. Or even more advanced a 10×10 which is, well I guess you’ve got the picture.


Until next time




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One dress – Four seasons- Winter 2

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Again a post about the most versatile dress I’ve ever had. It’s actually on the list of my 25 most used items in the Stylebook app. That’s really not bad for a dress.

Ennå en gang et antrekk med den mest anvendelige kjolen jeg noen gang har hatt. Faktisk ligger den blant de 25 mest brukte plaggene mine i Stylebook appen, og det er jammen ikke verst for en kjole. 


This time I’ve paired it with an oversized, cream cardigan from the Norwegian brand Holzweiler, the scarf is also from Holzweiler. I also wear the leather coated jeans from Fiveunits, Timberland boots and bag is from Mulberry. Everything a few years old.

Her er den sammen med en cardigan og et sjal fra det Norske merket Holzweiler. Bukse fra Fiveunits, mine trofaste Timberland støvletter og veske fra Mulberry.l Alt er noen år gammelt. 

DSC_0277The watch is from  Mockberg. Klokke fra Mockberg. 


Bildene ble tatt i juli, det var da vi fotograferte denne kjolen for alle årstider.DSC_0283Photos from July, when we photographed this dress for all seasons.



You can find the dress in these posts:

One dress- Four seasons – Preparing for winter

One dress four seasons – Autumn 2

One dress, four season – Autumn 1

One dress, four seasons – Summer

One dress,four seasons – Spring outfit 2

One dress, four seasons – Spring outfit 1

We’re still waiting for an opportunity to do another photoshoot, it’s not exactly easy this time of year. I dream of a photoshoot in the snow, that would be amazing, not that we normally have much snow…

Vi håper på at vi snart får sjansen til å fotografere igjen, det er ikke akkurat enkelt å få til på denne tiden av året. Det er mye som skal klaffe, både vær og føreforhold, pluss at vi begge faktisk kan. Drømmen er å kunne gjøre en photoshoot i snøen, men man vet jo aldri om det blir snø i Bergen. 


Until next time




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One dress- Four seasons – Preparing for winter

Winter is maybe right around the corner, even if we normally don’t have that cold winters here it’s still good to be prepared. So what I’ve done, I’ve been going through my closet and found that I really don’t need much. I have warm sweaters and cardigans which fits and I actually like, I have merino wool longs and long sleeved undershirt if I should need it. Most of my autumn clothes is also suitable for winter. It’s really a good idea to take a look at what you have before going shopping, I don’t know about you, but I have more than one time bought an almost exact copy of something I already had in my closet and forgot about.



I have a little discussion with myself if I should pack away my mustard items or not. On one side I don’t want to, on the other side, I’m afraid I will be fed up with them and if I pack them away now I will love them next autumn. I have also found how to wear my favourite dress in winter. Actually this was done long time ago, back when I still had hair.


Of course if it’s real cold I would have to add a coat, and if it’s cold and rain my new raincoat would be the option.


We don’t have to pull out the sunglasses very often in the winter, but it happens.

When going through my stuff I found what I really needed was a pair of warm and waterproof boots. I bought a pair of Timberland Premium Shearling. They will keep me both warm and dry. I have another pair of Timbelands, and I love them so I hope I will love these as much.



My outfit: The more than versatile dress from Minimum, leather coated jeans from Fiveunits, turtle neck sweater from Principles (bought in London last year), bag from Michael Kors, shoes from Nude of Scandinavia, hat from Accessorize.


Have you started preparing for winter??

Photos by my very good friend and talented photographer Kari.

This dress has been styled in so many ways for all seasons.

One dress, 4 seasons, more autumn outfits

One dress four seasons – Autumn 2

One dress, four season – Autumn 1

One dress, four seasons – Summer

One dress,four seasons – Spring outfit 2

One dress, four seasons – Spring outfit 1


Until next time


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Playing around with an old dress

I have this very cozy and comfy dress from Chill of Norway, it must be about 10 years old and I haven’t used it for years. It has survived all my purges, some items do for some reason. Now I wanted to see if I could use it again. I like the color of it, maybe it’s why it survived.


Ok here’s the dress….


Add a scarf, better already.


Add my new rust cardigan. Yes I could wear this, if I only could find a pair of thighs to go with this. I think finding the right tights are a big problem. I would like some which has the same color as my boots.


Now trying a navy fitted cardigan, this works too. Brown and blue looks good together. Think I need to loosen it a little though.


The navy cardigan also works.


Now the denim shirt dress, well not that bad, not really good either.


Let’s try the olive lightweight coat. Not half bad really, this  could work.


How about my Fanakofte??? Oh dear, a big NO.


And my mustard favorite sweater??? Nah, it’s relaxed though.


Ok now let’s put on black tights and boots and see if the black leather jacket could work. Oh no, not so much. I guess this jacket will be in the sell pile soon.


So so what about the striped long cardigan from Masai? Oh no!!  I ithink this will be in the sell pile too. It will probably look much better on someone else.


What about the charcoal bolero? Not that bad, but…


Let me try the long charcoal cardigan. Oh dear, who’s that frumpy old lady?



Well I had fun, and at least I found a couple of outfits I can use. I also got a look at some of the clothes I have stored in my out of season closet. I think a lot has to go.

Would you keep this dress?


Until next time


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Back in black – 1

Today I have something to celebrate, for the first time in about 15 years my BMI is categorised as normal. Today it’s 25,0. I never would have thought I should be there again, but now I am, all thanks to my LCHF lifestyle. However last year before I started my LCHF journey I took a body scan at a gym studio and the result told me I should be about 20 pound less than what I’m now. What??? I don’t think so, Ok it probably wouldn’t hurt loosing a few more pounds, but 20?? I use mostly size M and sometimes S or even XS sometimes. Loosing 20 more pounds would make it harder to find clothes, I hear people who’s that petite is struggling with that. I also believe I would look older if I lost that  much weight. I’m happy as it is and have been for a while. I’m not aiming to be supermodel skinny.

DSC_0330I dag har jeg noe å feire, for første gang siden tidlig 2000 tallet er jeg nå normalvektig. Min BMI er i dag 25,0, jeg hadde aldri trodd at jeg skulle oppleve det igjen, men det er takket være min LCHF livstil at jeg har klart det. Før jeg begynte med lavkarbo tok jeg en body scan på Sats, den viste at målvekten min er 10 kg mindre enn jeg er nå. OK et par kg til hadde nok ikke skadet, men 10 Kg?? Pr. i dag bruker jeg for det meste str. M, noen ganger S og til og med XS noen ganger. Alt etter hvilket merke og hvor de de er produsert. Min Italienske blazer f.eks er XL. Jeg har jo venninner som er veldig slanke og det er ikke alltid bare, bare det heller. Kommer du ned i str. XS er det vanskeligere å finne klær som passer. 

DSC_0329Dress – Designers Remix, scarf – Becksondergaard, boots – Russell & Bromley, London,bag – has no brand

I’ve had a version of this kind of dress probably like forever. They have been worn a lot. It’s a kind of dress which is easy to dress up and down. This is new for the season, it’s a Jeny dress from the Danish brand Designers Remix. I bought it from a Norwegian webshop, unfortunately they don’t ship abroad.  It’s soft and comfy and as I said i’s so versatile. The scarf is from Becksondergaard also a Danish brand, it’s in silk and wool and I bought it a couple of years ago. Boots I bought in London also years ago. Funny how the boots and the bag are about the same color. Bag has no brand on it, I think I bought it 2 years ago, but don’t remember where. Funny because I “always” remember where I bought things.

DSC_0331Jeg har hatt en versjon av denne type kjole i hel mannsalder, det har vært et plagg som jeg faktisk har slitt ut. Denne er ny av året Jeny kjole fra Designers Remix som er et Dansk merke. Jeg kjøpte den på nettbutikken Suser i Sivet. Sjalet er fra Becksøndergård også et Dansk merke, det er en del år gammelt. Skolettene (heter det det lenger forresten) ble kjøpt i London for en del år siden . Vesken er et par gammel også og det er ikke noe merke på den og jeg husker ikke hvor den er kjøpt. Litt rart for jeg husker “alltid” hvor jeg har kjøpt ting.

DSC_0338Here I’ve thrown my new olive coat  on, this is from Bik Bok and was a gift from one of my daughters in law.


Her ha jeg tatt min nye olivengrønne kåpe utenpå, den er kjøpt på Bik Bok og var en gave fra en av mine svigerdøtre. 

I still haven’t moved any of my previous posts over to this blog, so if you want to see how I’ve styled other dresses you can take a look at my old blog here.

Jeg har ennå ikke fått flyttet noen av mine gamle blogginnlegg, men om du har lyst å se hvordan jeg bl.a har stylet andre kjoler så kan du besøke min gamle blogg her

Stay tuned for more options with this black dress.

Wish you all a lovely day, and thanks for the comments on my previous post. Remember you can also follow me on Facebook, there’s a link further down.


Until next time