Lavkarbo, Lowcarb

My LCHF journey

Today it’s one year ago since I started my LCHF journey, and what a journey it’s been. One thing is what you can see on the outside, but far more important is the things that happened inside. My general  health is now so much better, for instance I had a fatty liver and my liver values was much to high. Actually my doctor adviced me to cut the alcohol and pain killers of the paracetomol type.  I just had to laugh because I drink a couple of glasses of wine maybe once a month and pain killers I use like maybe twice a year. I really did’nt think that would effect my liver values at all. Now one year after my liver values are on the low side of the normal range. I could given a couple more examples of the benefits of the LCHF lifestyle, but I think these photos are evidence enough that this has been really good for me.

This is me February last year, I was classified as obese, people were often fooled by my face and arms, so no one thought I cold be obese but I was. My BMI was 31.
This is me today in the same blazer. I’ve lost about 30 pounds, and my BMI is 25. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could ever wear size Small or Medium ever again, but now I can.
One of the best things is I think it’s been quite easy. Of course I have to be very aware what I eat, but I actually have been for years counting calories. Now I count carbohydrates instead of calories and it’s much better as it actually works.
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Lavkarbo, Lowcarb

Lunch the lowcarb style

English text below the picture

For snart et år siden begynte jeg å spise lavkarbo, for meg har det vært en fantastisk reise, ikke bare har jeg gått ned i vekt, men jeg er også blitt mye friskere. Bl.a har jeg et mellomgulvsbrokk som det ble sagt jeg måtte operere innen et par år. Denne operasjonen er nå ikke nødvendig for nå er alle symptomene borte. Jeg har ikke tatt en eneste tabelett etter jeg begynte å spise lavkarbo for snart er år siden. Alle med livsstilssykdommer kan ha god nytte av lavkarbo, jeg vet om flere med høyt blodtrykk og diabetes 2  som har kunnet slutte med medisiner bare uker etter kostomleggingen.
Bare synd at det ikke fungerer på svimmelheten.  Nå skal ikke dette være noen lavkarbo blogg, det er mange andre som har fine informative blogger om det. I dag skal jeg dele en knekkebrød oppskrift med dere som ikke bare er enkel, men også rask å lage og ikke minst er det knallgode knekkebrød.

2 dl frø, jeg pleier bruke  linfrø, sesamfrø, solsikkefrø og gresskarkjerner, men ta det du har i hus.
1 egg
Litt salt, litt krydder om du har lyst på det. Både oregano, timian og rosmarin er godt.

Bland frø, egg og krydder. Klipp til et bakepapir slik at det passer til tallerkenen i mikroen. Bre halve røren utover med en slikkepott. Lag et kryss med slikkepotten slik at du får fire biter og stek i mikroen på full effekt 4-5 minutter. Er de fremdeles myke så stek de et minutt eller to til.

Disse ble servert til lunch i dag med ost, fenalår og roastbeef som pålegg. I tillegg spiste vi rester etter gårsdagens hjemmelagede blomkålsuppe, den var selvsagt også lavkarbo.

About a year ago I started on my LCHF journey and what a journey it has been. Not only have I lost 30 lbs, but my health has improved so much too. For instance I have a hernia which the doctor said I had to operate  within a couple of years. Now there’s no talk about operation any longer as the symptoms disappeared the very day I changed my diet. I know people with high blood pressure and/or diabetes 2 who stopped taking medicine just weeks after they started to eat lowcarb. To bad it doesn’t effect my dizziness. This is not a low carb blog, but would like to share with you a receipt for crispy bread, which is not only easy to make, but also very quick and last but not least they are yummi.

7 fl.oz of seed I normally use a mix of flax seed, sesame seeds, sunflower seed and pumpkin seed.
1 egg
Salt and if you want some spices, oregano, thyme or rosemary are good choices

Mix it all and spread it on a piece of baking paper which you have cut to cover the plate in the microwave. Take half the dough at the time. Make a cross so you have four pieces. Put it into the microwave and run it for 4-5 minutes with full effect. If still little soft try a minute or two more.

Sorry for my clumsy way to explain, never shared a receipt in English before, so hope you understand.

These are delicious with butter and cheese or ham, roast beef is also yummy.

This is what I served for lunch today to one of my best friends. I also had homemade cauliflower soup also made the lowcarb way.

I hope you enjoyed this, if you have some questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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