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The Beauty of a capsule wardrobe – Shoppingday

I needed some more clothes for the summer and I heard rumours that H&M had a striped dress that might just fit me. I was supposed to go on Monday, but with the nice weather we’ve had lately I was afraid they were going o be sold out, so I took a trip today instead. I was only supposed to buy the dress, but I got home with 6 items which all fits in my capsule wardrobe. I remembered to ask myself the control questions and the answer was yes to all of them. Have to say H&M has a lot of nice things this year, but you need to patient trying on as the sizes are a bit all over. Something are very small sized and other things big sized, I went in and out of the locker room like five times to find new sizes. Good thing my outfit today was really easy to put on and take off. If it had been a cold and rainy day I’d probably just given up on the whole thing.

This is what I bought, and payed about 150 USD for it all.

I just love Stylebook so when I got home I registred it all, so easy when you can go online to find photos of the items. Then I sat down playing around with the pink jacket and skirt. The pink color is the right shade for me as it’s warm and more blush than pink really.

So here’s 6 outfits and the options are endless it seems. Can you tell I really love my New Balance sneakers??
Right now I’m-looking out of the window at another spectacular sunset, it’s time to sign off from here and enjoy it.
Until next time

capsule wardrobe, Fashion, Heavenly

Spring has arrived

Finally spring has arrived  and we’ve had beautiful sunny weather for a few days now. I assure you, no one is more happy and grateful than us Norwegians when the sun shines and the temperature rises. We forget all about rain, snow and storm and refuse to believe it will ever rain again. In town the outdoor restaurants are filled with happy people taking a pint of beer or a glass of wine in the sun.

Actually it’s been almost summer temperatures, I’e even had my bikinitop on, who would have thought last week when it snowed and rained? And my very pale legs has gotten some sun.
Sunglasses and a straw hat has been my most used items this week, and to my surprise I found the coral flats I thought I’d given to charity while searching for a denim skirt I believed I had somewhere. Still searching for that, maybe it’s on the attic?

I also received 4 dresses which I ordered online last week. 3 striped ones which I just took one look at and put them back in the bag for returning. Seems like a flattering striped dress is hard for me to find, so if I don’t accidently stumble over one I give up the search. I have one option left I want to check out and that is one at H&M.
The 4th dress I simply loved, it’s from the Norwegian brand By Timo which amongst our crown princess and Gwyneth Paltrow are big fans. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but I’d rather have one pretty dress than 10 ugly ones. I loved everything about it, but I had to admit when I tried it on again that it was a bit on the snug side. It looked like a million dollars, but might not have been that comfortable in the long run. I almost cried when I realised I had to send it back. They didn’t have one size up where I bought it, but I found it at the brand shop At least I hope it’s the same, when I look at it closely it seems a bit different, but cross my fingers and hope it’s the same.
Now I’m looking forward to yet another night like this. We have sun until a 21.45 now, and it’s only longer for each day in end June it don’t go down before about 23.20. Further north they have the midnight sun, but also they have no sun in the winter.
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Heavenly in Warzsaw

Last year in may I was on a girly trip to Warszaw. Lovely city, and we had a great time. The weather was absolutely wonderful as you can see from the pic.

           For some reason this photo reminds me of the song Lily Marleen
Vor der Kaserne, vor dem grossen Tor
stand eine Laterne und stand si noch davor
So woll´n wir uns da vieder seh´n
bei der Laterne wollen wir sthe´n
“Wie einst Lily Marleen”
I like the German version the best, and that is also the original written in 1915. In 1944 the English version was made. Funny how this song became popular at both sides. Here is one verse of the English version. 
Underneath the lantern,
By the barrack gate
Darling I remember
The way you used to wait
T’was there that you whispered tenderly,
That you loved me,
You’d always be,
My Lilli of the Lamplight,
My own Lilli Marlene
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Himmelsk 58/Heavenly

Petunia has her weekly challenge again, we are never going to get tired of taken pictures of or watch the sky. The sky changes continually not two shots is exactly the same.

The other day when I was looking for something else I came across this photo in my drawer, I guess it is about 10 years old and was taken long before I got a digital camera. It was taken in Stratford upon Avon, England, the place where Shakespeare came from. I scanned it today and played a little around in photoscape.Reflection is the effect I’ve used above.
This is the original. 

 Final version of this photo, I have removed the second lantern. I think it looks even more out of this world now.
Walk into the light.

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