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Spring capsule for a northener


Spring is here, well at least on the calendar. Reality however is completely different, outside it’s winter and snow. We’ve had a Siberian cold front the past week, the Beast from the east as it also has been called. In Bergen we got new cold record for March -12 degrees Celsius  (10 F) One place in Norway it was -42 C, which is about -43 F, I wouldn’t want to be there. The beast has not only struck in Norway, all Europe has been frozen. Actually it has been colder in Rome than in Bergen. Further down in Europe it must have been terrible, as they often don’t have houses built to handle this kind of extreme cold. For us it’s been Ok, we’ve had some really nice and sunny days. Once the wind stopped we had some lovely, crisp winter days and in the middle of the day we could actually feel the sun warming. Of course we long for spring, snow and ice is really not what we prefer this time of year. We do want to walk around in shoes again, but looking at the weather forecast it won’t happen anytime soon. So here’s what I’ve picked for my spring capsule so far.  Scarves, bags and jewelry not included I’ve ended up with 41 items. Both for home and for more dressy events.



1 Navy tank top – Nu by Staff,  many years old

2 Navy linen tee – Claire, from last year

3 Coral camisole – Kettlewell colors, new

4 Cream long sleeved tee – Days like this, new

5 Coral V neck tee – Hanna (PM) from last year

6 Green (yes it is green) tee – Malene Birger, new 50% off

7 Cream light weight sweater – Second Female, old

8 Navy light weight sweater – Oxmo, last year

9 Coral Cashmere sweater – Woolland, new, 50% off

10 Orange red hoodie- Tiger of Sweden, new, 50% off

11 Cream blouse – Fransa, from last year

12 Navy, merino wool button up – Woolland, last year

13 Navy blazer – Massimo Dutti, many years old

14 Navy blazer – European Culture, many years old

15 Olive blazer – Pen and ink, last year

16 Coral blazer – Gustav, new 50% off

17 Navy cardigan – Holly & Whyte, Lindex, last year

18 Hazel brown, suede coat – Lexington, new

19 Burnt orange long cardigan- Haust- new 70% off

20 Forest green cardigan – Woolland, new 30% off

21 In addition my beloved hand knitted sweater. Åsemors kofte as this sweater is called.

I know, I’m a sucker for blazers, why would I have 2 navy blazers in the capsule? They are very different one is more a outerwear piece and the other is more like a cardigan.


My base color is navy, neutrals are cream, olive/green and brown.As you can see I’ve picked hues of coral and orange for my accent color this spring. The tops I’ve chosen is everything from a camisole to my homeknitted wool sweater.




22 Dark blue jeans – Five Units – old

23 Blue jeans – Floyd, old

24 Navy sweatpants – 2nd one, old

25 Olive sweatpants – Global funk, old

26 Burnt henna draw string pants – Kaffe, new 70% off

Can you tell I hate buying jeans and pants???  I’m looking for a pair of green pants/jeans. I also want a skirt, either a navy, green or brown leather one.


27 Cognac boots – Timberland, many years old

28 Winter boots- Timberland, last year (and yes I need them a couple of weeks more)

29 Brown booties – Unisa, new 70% off

30 Green boots – Roots, new 50% off

31 Cream sneakers – New Balance, old

32 Cognac sneakers – Ecco, old

33 Navy loafers – Paul Green, old

34 Coral ballerinas- Ecco, old

Spring in Norway acquires a wide range of shoes and boots, we need shoes and boots for all kind of weather, from snow and ice to summer temperatures. In addition to the ones on the collage I will probably have to use my trusty rain boots more than a couple of times.


35 Patterned dress – Moves by Minimum, old

36 Olive green shirt dress – Bik Bok, last year

37 Burnt orange dress – Fransa, last year

Yes it’s still with me the patterned dress.


38 Trench coat – Zara, old.

39 Utility jacket – Timberland, old (this is one of my most used items ever. I have worn it probably close to a thousand times and it still looks good)

40 Brown checked raincoat- BRGN, last year.

41 In addition I will also use this autumn/ winter coat from Iben. I have had this coat home on trial a couple of times, but first it was to big and then it was to tight. And when I stopped trying I found the right size on 70% off sale in Oslo last month. Destiny.


I really had some luck on the sale this year and me who thought I missed out on the whole thing being ill most of January. Funny enough I haven’t really been looking that hard, but with the knowledge about both which colors suits me I don’t have to look through a lot of clothes. Also the capsule concept, picking base, neutral and accent colors is very helpful. I know what to look for, and if I buy something in the color scheme I’ve decided to use everything will also go together with what I already own.



My last purchases, forest green wool cardigan from Woolland, green tee from Malene Birger, green boots from Roots and a spring scarf bought at Mocca Knarvik. Cardigan, tee and boots is a nice addition to my year round capsule.

I guess your spring capsule looks really different from mine, especially if you live a place where it’s actually spring now.

Until next time


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The Beauty of a capsule wardrobe – Shoppingday

I needed some more clothes for the summer and I heard rumours that H&M had a striped dress that might just fit me. I was supposed to go on Monday, but with the nice weather we’ve had lately I was afraid they were going o be sold out, so I took a trip today instead. I was only supposed to buy the dress, but I got home with 6 items which all fits in my capsule wardrobe. I remembered to ask myself the control questions and the answer was yes to all of them. Have to say H&M has a lot of nice things this year, but you need to patient trying on as the sizes are a bit all over. Something are very small sized and other things big sized, I went in and out of the locker room like five times to find new sizes. Good thing my outfit today was really easy to put on and take off. If it had been a cold and rainy day I’d probably just given up on the whole thing.

This is what I bought, and payed about 150 USD for it all.

I just love Stylebook so when I got home I registred it all, so easy when you can go online to find photos of the items. Then I sat down playing around with the pink jacket and skirt. The pink color is the right shade for me as it’s warm and more blush than pink really.

So here’s 6 outfits and the options are endless it seems. Can you tell I really love my New Balance sneakers??
Right now I’m-looking out of the window at another spectacular sunset, it’s time to sign off from here and enjoy it.
Until next time