Challenge, Heavenly

Himmelsk 58/Heavenly

Petunia has her weekly challenge again, we are never going to get tired of taken pictures of or watch the sky. The sky changes continually not two shots is exactly the same.

The other day when I was looking for something else I came across this photo in my drawer, I guess it is about 10 years old and was taken long before I got a digital camera. It was taken in Stratford upon Avon, England, the place where Shakespeare came from. I scanned it today and played a little around in photoscape.Reflection is the effect I’ve used above.
This is the original. 

 Final version of this photo, I have removed the second lantern. I think it looks even more out of this world now.
Walk into the light.

You can find more heavenly photos HERE

This is also my contribution to Skywatch Friday

25 thoughts on “Himmelsk 58/Heavenly”

  1. Stilig bilde … dyktig etterbehandling! Takker også for kommentaren. Benken er en av mange i parken som er malt i ulike fager og mønstre. Falt for den hvite med den gule blomsten 🙂



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