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How to dress for a rainy day -2

Lets face it, autumn is certainly here and so is the pouring rain. While September was surprisingly dry and warm, October came and said it’s payback time. Only 4 days in and it has rained more than in all September together. Actually a little further south in Norway it rained more in one day than it normally do September and October together. There’s flood and landslides and not at all pleasant, so here in Bergen we can’t complain even if it’s really pouring down. We have a saying here in Norway: It’s not bad weather, just bad clothing.  And with that in mind I bought myself a new raincoat.

Update, today it has been flood and landslides here in Bergen too.


Coat – BRGN,  Scarf – Part two, jeans Fiveunits, boots- Timberland, bag – Fjällreven


So who better to design a good raincoat than someone actually living in Bergen? The brand is called BRGN and the raincoat don’t look or feel like raincoat. It breathes and is really comfortable even when it don’t rain. The hood can be tucked away. I bought the Bris poncho and this can be worn in several ways, depends how you tie the belt. This coat was NOK 3000,- ($375) but I think it will be totally worth it. My waterproof Timberland jacket was also quite expensive, I most have worn it like a thousand times since I bought it, so the cost per wear is minimal. And in the end that’s what matters, if you buy an expensive dress and wear it less than 10 times it’s very high cost per wear. If you buy a coat or a pair of jeans and wear them several hundred times, then the cost per wear is down to a minimum in the end. Did you ever think about that?

Can you tell I’ve tied the belt differently in these 2 pics? To the left I put it 2 times around so the coat is more fitted.

I’ve mentioned before that wearing a dress or a skirt when it’s pouring down is very practical, you can find the post Here  I discovered that wearing a pair of “leather” coated jeans is very practical too. The worse thing you can wear when it’s really pouring down is a pair of denim jeans, they take forever to dry and if they get wet in the morning on way to work they still be wet when you’re going home and you had a really uncomfortable day in the wet, cold denims.

It started to rain while we had the photo shoot, so the hood came in handy. On the back the logo is in reflex.

You  also need waterproof boots, I have short and long wellies from Ilse Jacobsen and I have these from Timberland. Have to say on a really rainy day I wear the wellies.


Scarf – Rosenvinge, bag – vintage Mulberry


On this photoshoot I was in desperate need for a haircut and coloring, I was so fed up with my hair that I wanted to chop it all off, and today I was really brave and cut my hair pixie style. I hardly recognise myself when I see myself in the mirror. It will take some time to get used to a totally different look.


It’s really different and I do hope it will work with my clothes.


Until next time



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New in – Autumn coat

I have to admit, if I hadn’t had my colors done I would probably not even considered this coat. I wouldn’t dreamed that this could be a color which suited me. Coat bought at Zara and it is the color which is called Mahogany on my color chart. On Zara’s website it’s referred to as brown. I need to get the arms altered a bit, they are a little long for me, but when it’s done I’ll probably have a autumn coat for years and years.


Coat – Zara, scarf-  bought at Covent garden market, shirt- Dranella, pants – Miley from 2nd one, boots – Timberland


Me and photographer friend Kari had a photo shoot today, I only used items from my 30 x 30 challenge on this shoot and focused on casual looks. For instance I used my dressy sweat pants in most of the outfits. Let me tell you about these pants, they have all the qualities of a comfy sweat pant, they don’t look sloppy at all and I can wear them dressed up or down just as I please. I believe no one ever would notice that I’m actually wearing sweat pants. Suits me real fine, I spend a lot of time at home and when I wear these it’s no need to change to look decent if I should go to the store or whatever. They are great travel pants too, I wore these when I travelled to London. Comfort and style, what a great combination. And if we talk cost per wear, these will soon be for free. I bought these at Message on Vestkanten. They run a bit big so if you want them a little fitted like mine is, you can go down a size, they also look good a little oversized. Price is not to bad either, NOK 499,-  ($ 65, £ 45)


This scarf was one of my bargains from London the other week. I searched long and hard for a scarf in my colors, I was prepared to pay a lot, even visited Burberry and Mulberry in my search with no luck. And then at Covent garden marketplace I found this and 3 other scarves. This one was £2,50. It’s really soft and seems to be good quality, I would never guess it was a really cheap one. I have had far more expensive scarves looking and feeling cheaper than this one.


You can read more about my trip to London here


Until next time


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