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The versatility of a striped dress

Last summer I bought a quite inexpensive striped dress at Lindex, I styled it several ways and had some blogposts about it. Now it’s beautiful summer weather here and I already used this dress a couple of times. The other day I styled it very similar to one of the looks from last year. Same dress, same cardigan, same shoes, the only thing I changed was the bag, and I ditched the hat. Now that my hair is so short I look balled with a hat ha ha. The difference the bag and the new haircut made was really amazing.

Dress – Lindex, cardigan – Louche, sneakers – Adidas, bag – Even & Odd

Even if neither stripes or the colors of the dress are the best for me I think it works when I pair it with my colors.

Here’s same outfit from last summer.


And here’s the other outfits I made with this dress last summer. I sure can use some of them this summer too.



The dress with the green cardigan is still my favorite.


If you want to take a closer look at the outfits I made last summer you can find them here:

The Striped Dress – Take 1 Green cardigan

The striped dress – Take 2 a pop of red

The striped dress – Take 3 Navy blazer

The striped dress – Take 4 with pink denim

The striped dress – Take 5 the beige cardigan


We are in the middle of kitchen renovation, hopefully our new kitchen will be finished next week. Plummer is here now to move around some pipes, something we actually didn’t know was needed. Ah well, it has to be done.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram where I show a little of this and that, fashion, interior, flowers, nature…. It will soon be lots of photos from our new kitchen soon.  @momentsintimebergen 

We enjoy the summer days and since we don’t have a working kitchen it’s barbecue every day.

Until next time


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The beauty of a Capsule wardrobe

It’s been a while now since I stumbled upon the concept of capsule wardrobes. It was in April I first read this Blogpost  which changed my opinion about clothes and made my life a bit easier. My wardrobe looked like it had been bombed, I couldn’t find anything and it was a real struggle every day to put together an outfit. All these clothes and nothing to wear. I read this post a Saturday night and really wanted to start right away, but who purges their wardrobes on a Saturday night?? I almost couldn’t sleep all night as I was so excited to start sorting and purging.

Clothes talk


I spent most of he Sunday in the bedroom with all my clothes in a pile on the bed. I couldn’t believe how much it really was. I followed the 5 steps, and I have to say already on the 1st step, you get so much more control. For me choosing a base color was essential, I chose navy and took all the black I wanted to keep and stored it another place. I decided to use navy for spring and summer and use black for autumn and winter. (That’s not exactly what happened, as now black is phasing out of my wardrobe, but that’s another story). What happened was that I fell in love with my clothes all over again, I realised I had a lot of good clothes, and suddenly I was able to see them, and put together outfits with them.


After this lifechanging Sunday in April I’ve actually had a quite simple life when it comes to get dressed. I know where everything is, everything goes together more or less, and when I buy something new I always make sure it will go with at least five other items in my wardrobe. Ofcourse I’ve done a couple of bad choices too, but all and all I’m happy with what I’ve bought. Like this striped dress which seemed to pair nicely up with almost everything.

I’ve had a couple of purges after this Sunday in April, it’s a  work in progress really. And every time I’ve purged it’s been easier to let go of clothes that I’ve kept just in case or for sentimental reasons. I will also give the advice, don’t purge the winter clothes in summer or vice versa. It might be you throw out something you really need. If you have a winter coat you’re not that happy with, wait until winter and until you found the perfect coat before you let it go. If not you might end up buying another coat you’re not that happy with just because it’s cold and you really need a coat to stay warm.


This has all been so inspiring and I’ve also learned I could be an inspiration to others, who would have thought?  When starting up this blog I never intended to be a model myself, I used a mannequin to photograph my clothes until one day my friend Kari told me I should be a model myself and offered to take the photos. We’ve had a couple of photos shoots and a lot of fun, to my surprise I’m not half bad as a model.


I’ve been playing around with my clothes, tried out combinations I really didn’t think would work, some of them has ended up on the list of favorite combinations. I’ve learned always to take photos of the outfits, for some reason it’s much easier to judge from a photo if something works or not. So this is another advice to you, try on different combos, take photos, dare to be silly in front of the camera, pretend you’re a model on a photo shoot. Remember all photos can be deleted and no one needs to see them, and maybe some of them turns out real good. Here’s a Selfies for dummies crash course.

So if you have loads and loads of clothes in your wardrobe, but nothing to wear, consider a capsule wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a set number of clothes, if you have 100 pieces or more you’d like to keep, keep them, but sort them into seasons and colors. That way yo will get a much easier life when it comes to get dressed in the morning. Challenge yourself, do a 30×30 challenge, that means for 30 days you only wear 30 pieces of clothing. Or even more advanced a 10×10 which is, well I guess you’ve got the picture.


Until next time




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The beauty of the striped dress – Summary

Maybe a bit to early to show the autumn and winter outfits with the patterned dress, so I thought I’d collect all the striped dress outfits in one post. I might just do posts like this and show the different options I made with each item. What do you think? Is it a good idea?

I start with the most popular outfit, this was not only featured in Elegance and mommyhoods Thursday Moda, but it was also picked as the Instagram photo of the month by the Norwegian womens magazine Tara. Must admit both my photographer Kari and I are really proud and honored  by that. The picture will be in the July magazine which will be sold in the stores from Friday 14th of July. So exited. I guess it’s just a small pic on the bottom of a page, but anyway. 

Kanskje litt tidlig å vise høst og vinterantrekkene med den mønstrede kjolen, vi er jo bare i midten av juli ennå. Så derfor tenkte jeg å ta en oppsummering med den stripete kjolen, alt på ett brett liksom. Kanskje jeg skal gjøre det med noen av de andre plaggene også. Hva synes dere, er det en god idè?

Jeg begynner med det antrekket som har fått mest oppmerksomhet. Grønt er skjønt og det øverste bildet her ble ikke bare plukket ut som en Torsdagsfavoritt i den Amerikanske bloggen Elegannce and Mommyhood, men det ble også plukket ut som månedens Instagram bilde av magasinet Tara og det kommer på trykk i juliutgaven som kommer ut nå på fredag. Må jo innrømme det at både jeg og fotograf Kari er ganske stolt av det.

Dress- Lindex, sunglasses – Lindex, cardigan- Louche (Zalando), bag – Bergen Brand, sneakers- Adidas

Here’s more casual outfit, pink denim and sneakers works with the striped dress aswell. 
Et litt mer hverdagslig antrekk, rosa denimjakke og sneakers fungerer fint sammen med den stripete kjolen også. 
Jacket – H&M, bag- Mulbery. 
A more dressed up outfit, blazer, scarf and heels. 

 En litt mer oppdresset variant, blazer, skjerf og høye hæler. 
 Blazer – European Culture, scarf – H&M, bag – Zara, belt – Sparkjøp, shoes – Gabor, watch Daniel Wellington

And here’s the outfit with my mums red pearls. This could be an outfit for 4th of July and also for 17th of May Norway’s constitution day. Would probably have to add the navy blazer for that day. 
Antrekket med min mors røde perler og en rød veske, dette hadde jo vært et fint 17 mai antrekk sammen med den blå blazeren. 

 Bag – Sandwich 
And at last the perfect outfit for a nice summers night, if it gets a little chilly put on the scarf. The coral shoes adds some fun and a pop of color to the outfit. 
 Til slutt det perfekte antrekket for en deilig sommerkveld, Blir det litt kjølig så ta på skjerfet. De korallfargede skoene frisker opp hele antrekket. 

Cardigan – Masai, scarf – Barfota, shoes – Ecco
This is how I would love to dress in the summer, if it only could be a bit warmer

Still no sign of summer, today it was rain earlier, but sun came out eventually. The northern wind was quite persistent though to prevent any kind of summer feeling.  The weather makes me want to arrange my autumn capsule, so today I purged my wardrobe to see what i have and what I need. turns out I don’t need much. So what do you say are you ready for some of my autumn outfits soon? 

Drømmen er jo å kunne ta på seg disse antrekkene, men det har rett og slett vært litt for kaldt. 
I dag var det så høstlig her at jeg rett og slett tok fatt på høstklørne for å se hva jeg har og hva jeg trenger. Fant ut at jeg egentlig nesten ikke trenger noen ting. Det har riktignok kommet et par nye høstplagg inn i garderoben, ting jeg visste jeg trengte og et par sko jeg bare MÅTTE ha. 
Hva sier dere er dere snart klar for å se litt høstantekk?
Until next time 

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A week in the sun

I’ve always said, I love to travel, but I hate to pack. Normally it’s done in the last minute with no plan, just throw whatever I think I will need in the suitcase and come home again and haven’t worn half of it. Anyone who recognise this? This year I actually enjoyed the packing and I have used my newfound wisdom and the stylebook app to plan outfits for a week. Me and my man actually travelled with only one suitcase and we still came home with clothes we didn’t wear. Here’s my pack list for a week in the sun in Croatia. I have removed the 3 (!) items I didn’t wear one tee, one shorts and one skirt. PS I also had one more bikini and a bikini bottom for the tankini.

Jeg har alltid sagt at jeg elsker å reise, men hater å pakke, men i år har jeg faktisk kost meg med planleggingen og pakkingen. Før utsatte jeg alltid pakkingen til i siste liten og hev det jeg trodde jeg kunne få bruk for i kofferten, jeg kom selvsagt hjem med en haug med klær som ikke var brukt i hele tatt. Noen som kjenner seg igjen?  Jeg brukte mine nye kunnskaper og appen Stylebook og planla pakkelisten i god tid, litt forandringer ble det underveis, men jeg er veldig fornøyd med å ha kommet hjem med kun 3 ubrukte plagg i kofferten.  Jeg og min samboer reiste med kun en koffert på deling og ikke hadde vi mye håndbagasje utenom heller. Over ser dere pakkelisten min, da har jeg tatt bort de tre plaggene jeg ikke brukte.

This was my travel outfit, it was cold and rain when we left Bergen.

For beach this was my outfit almost every day. I threw a similar romper to this on the collage in the suitcase last minute. I found it among my swimwear and remembered how convenient it was as a cover up when the temperature is 85-95 F. I’m glad I did. A romper or a light sundress is a must.
Dette var strandantrekket mitt nesten hver dag. Jeg hadde helt glemt denne jumpsuiten og fant den blant badetøyet da jeg pakket. Når det er 30-35 + grader så er en slik jumpsuit eller en veldig lett solkjole et must til og fra stranden. Veldig glad jeg tok den med.

Here are all my evening outfits

As you can see I wore the same bag and sandals every evening. The bag is quite small and was perfect for my use, it’s room for my phone, a small wallet and my lipstick. It’s from Bergen Brand and was a birthday present from a dear friend. Sandals are brand new, received them the day before we left. They are from Gabor and so comfy.
Jeg brukte samme veske og sandaler hver kveld. Vesken er fra Bergen brand og har plass til det mest nødvendige for min del. Telefon, penger og en leppestift. Sandalene fikk jeg dagen før vi reiste, de er fra Gabor og er superkomfortable.
We celebrated my mans birthday down there, so I brought my By Timo dress along for this evening.
Vi feiret min kjæres bursdag litt på etterskudd mens vi var der, da måtte jeg selvfølgelig ha på By Timo kjolen min.
Ofcourse I had to bring the striped dress, I wore it twice actually.
Måtte jo ha med den stripete kjolen også, den ble brukt to kvelder.
Beatiful sunsets almost every night, we’ll be back.
I love Croatia.
Until next time


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The striped dress – Take 5 the beige cardigan

I guess you’re all fed up now my striped dress, but this is my last post about it for a while. This time I combined it with my favourite cardigan and one of my favourite scarfs. The cardigan is from the Danish brand Masai and is made of linen, cotton and viscose. So comfortable and timeless. It has the perfect length and can be used with most of my dresses. I have a similar one in a shorter version.

 Dere begynner vel å bli passe lei nå av den stripete kjolen, men nå er det siste innlegg om den på en stund. Denne gang har jeg kombinert den med min favoritt cardigan fra det Danske merket Masai. Den er utrolig komfortabel i en blanding av lin, bomull og viskose. Den er helt perfekt til å slenge over de fleste av kjolene mine. Jeg har også en i samme kvalitet i kort versjon.

 Dress – Lindex, sunglasses – Lindex, hat – Accsessories, scarf – Barfota, shoes- Ecco
All but the dress and sunglasses are a few years old.
 These pics were taken on one of the very few days with sunshine so far in June. Cross my fingers and hope July will bring us some summer.

 Bildene med den stripete kjolen ble tatt på en av de veldig få solskinnsdagene vi har hatt i juni. Nå får vi krysse fingre og håpe at juli bringer litt sommerlige temperaturer med seg.

 Some old pallets make the perfect bench.

 I do love my coral shoes.

 En par gamle værbitte paller er den perfekte benk.

Det kan nesten ikke bli mer sommerfølelse enn dette, kjole, stråhatt og tygge på et strå.
This is the picture of my summer feeling this day, sundress, straw hat chewing on a straw.
Until next time
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The striped dress – Take 4 with pink denim

The beauty of the capsule wardrobe is that you can combine almost everything, when you have found the perfect pieces in base color, neutrals and accent colors you re pretty much there. It can take a while before you’re there and you might go through multiple purges in your wardrobe. I’m not quite there yet, but my wardrobe really functions as of today. It takes me just a couple of minutes from I walk into my wardrobe (which is a spare room in our house) until I’m out again fully dressed no matter what’s on the agenda. This blogpost made by my guru Leanne White Blackmon was my way into the capsule wardrobe. How to start a capsule wardrobe.  This is basically my bible and Leanne also sells e-books where she suggests items and outfits for each season. I have not purchased an e-book myself, but if you’re struggling to find your way I think it would be a great help to invest in an e-book about the subject. This post is not sponsored in any way and Leanne does not know I write this.
Det fantastiske med en slik basisgarderobe er at man kan mikse og matche stort sett alle plagg med hverandre. Når du har funnet de perfekte plaggene så er resten bare easy peasy. Det kan ta tid å finne de rette plaggene og du kan regne med at du må renske ut av klesskapet flere ganger. Denne bloggposten som jeg tilfeldigvis fant via Pinterest har blitt min bibel når det gjelder min basisgarderobe. Hvordan bygge opp en basisgarderobe  Leanne Black Whitmoon som har skrevet denne bloggen selger også e-bøker. Jeg har ikke en selv, men vet at mange som har prøvd dem er veldig fornøyde. Så om du sliter med å finne ut av det så kan en slik e-bok være en god investering. Dette innlegget er ikke på noen måte sponset og Leanne vet ingenting om at jeg skriver dette.
I had a lot of the clothes from before, and if you read some of my previous posts you will know that a lot of my clothes are years old. The most important when you build a capsule wardrobe is to decide which base color you want. I’ve chosen Navy and have packed away my black clothes, in the autumn I will start to make a autumn/winter capsule with black as my base color.
Dress – Lindex, sunglasses Lindex, pink denim – H&M, watch – Daniel Wellington all from this season
shoes- Stan Smith Adidas, bag – Mulberry, bunnies- homemade

The pink denim has been showed also here, here and here
Mange av plaggene hadde jeg jo fra før, og om dere har lest noen av mine tidligere innlegg så har dere sett at mye er flere år gammelt. Det viktigste er å finne basefargen, jeg har valgt marineblå nå for vår/sommer sesongen og alle min svarte klær er pakket bort. Min plan er at til høsten finner jeg dem fram igjen og lager en høst/vintergarderobe med dem.
 Even a supermodel has to relax sometimes.

A little bling

 And here’s the one that got all kind of trash in the background. My photographer friend will no most likely kill me.

And here’s the photo my hubby liked the best from this photo shoot.
Stay tuned, there’s still one more outfit with the striped dress.
Until next time
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The striped dress – Take 3 Navy blazer

Where I live the sundresses don’t get very much worn unless you put on a layer or two. Take 3 is with one of my navy blazers, this one is also a few years old, it’s a soft blazer from European culture and this has been worn a lot during the years. I think that items like blazers, outerwear and shoes are the items well worth putting some money into. You get so much wear out of it if it’s good quality, and price and quality are often related.
Her i Bergen får vi ofte ikke brukt solkjolene våre noe særlig, men om man er litt kreativ så er de faktisk veldig enkle å kle opp eller ned. Her har jeg brukt en av mine marineblå blazere, denne er en myk variant fra European culture som jeg har hatt en del år. Den har jeg brukt utrolig mye. Det er noen ting det lønner seg å legge en del penger i, blazere, ytterjakker og sko for eksempel. Du får som oftest så mye mer glede av dem om de er av god kvalitet. Og som oftest henger pris og kvalitet sammen.
You can find more outfits with this blazer: Here , here and here
Kjole – Lindex, solbriller- Lindex, blazer- European Culture, scarf – H&M, belt – Sparkjøp,
bag – Zara, watch – Daniel Wellington, shoes – Gabor.

Dress, sunglasses, scarf, belt and watch is from this season, the rest are a few years old.
Kjole, solbriller, belte og klokke er kjøpt i år, resten  har noen år på baken.

Brown leather and navy is a perfect match. I do love this bag from Zara my friend gave me for Christmas a few years back. Actually I use it as a decoration item in my hall.
Marineblått og brunt skinn passer perfekt sammen synes jeg. Jeg er så glad i denne vesken fra Zara, jeg fikk i julegave av en venninne for noen år siden. Faktisk bruker jeg den som en inteiørdetalj i gangen. Slik får jeg glede av den hver dag.

We also found some pretty flowers on our way.

I’ve said it before, but a good thing can’t be said to many times. If you ever come across some Gabor shoes (or similar quality) in this mole/greyish color than buy them. I have had them now for about five years and every time i need to wear heels i just put these on. I have yet again to find an outfit they don’t go with. Has saved me a lot of time and money these shoes.
Jeg har sagt det før, men en god ting kan ikke sies for mange ganger. Kommer du noen gang over et par sko som ligner disse fra Gabor, så kjøp dem! De er en slags muldvarpfarge og jeg lyger ikke, de kan brukes til alt. Hver gang jeg skal bruke høyhælte sko (ikke at det skjer veldig ofte) så passer de til antrekket. Jeg har ennå til gode at de ikke har passet. Selv de gangene jeg ikke har trodd de har passet så har de vært perfekte. De har spart meg mye tid, frustrasjon og penger de skoene der.
Stay tuned, more outfits with the striped dress are coming up.

Until next time