Fake your beauty

Yesterday I tried out a new, free photo editing program. It was really easy to use and have a lot of cool effects.
I tried it out on a photo of myself, a self portret taken about 2 years ago.I tried the makeup program and magically all wrinkles disapeared and my complection became much smoother. I wish this could be done in real life too.
I added on some rouge and mascara,brightened the eyes and changed the eyecolor a little. A little Frost effect around the edges a couple of butterflies and a frame and voila I’m a new improved woman. All in a couple of minutes.
Here is the program:

I also tried some og the effects, here is the Warhol effect. Cool.

Motion pictures

Here is my first motion pictures. Not to bad for beeing my first attempt I suppose. 

 We can see the car is moving.
 and that the boy is walking home from school.
and that the little dog is sniffing around
One day I would like to take photos of a waterfall with this tecnique.