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The Beauty of a capsule wardrobe – Shoppingday

I needed some more clothes for the summer and I heard rumours that H&M had a striped dress that might just fit me. I was supposed to go on Monday, but with the nice weather we’ve had lately I was afraid they were going o be sold out, so I took a trip today instead. I was only supposed to buy the dress, but I got home with 6 items which all fits in my capsule wardrobe. I remembered to ask myself the control questions and the answer was yes to all of them. Have to say H&M has a lot of nice things this year, but you need to patient trying on as the sizes are a bit all over. Something are very small sized and other things big sized, I went in and out of the locker room like five times to find new sizes. Good thing my outfit today was really easy to put on and take off. If it had been a cold and rainy day I’d probably just given up on the whole thing.

This is what I bought, and payed about 150 USD for it all.

I just love Stylebook so when I got home I registred it all, so easy when you can go online to find photos of the items. Then I sat down playing around with the pink jacket and skirt. The pink color is the right shade for me as it’s warm and more blush than pink really.

So here’s 6 outfits and the options are endless it seems. Can you tell I really love my New Balance sneakers??
Right now I’m-looking out of the window at another spectacular sunset, it’s time to sign off from here and enjoy it.
Until next time

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