My name is Kari,  I live in Bergen Norway. I have a passion for colors, not just any colors, but the right colors.

I found my true colors only couple of years ago myself. It was a game changer, not to mention life changer. No more guessing in badly lit shops, no more surprises when I get home and see that the color is not at all as flattering as the salesperson claimed it was . I use my color fan for what it’s worth and never go shopping without it. I now get compliments all the time for the colors I wear, even from total strangers. My mission now is to help other women (and men) to find their true colors. It’s so much more than just the colors. It’s about your well being and self confidence, too. If you feel good about the colors you wear and know they suit you, you will radiate more self confidence.

I’m a creative kind of person, and my creativity takes a lot of directions. I love interior and am also an interior consultant.  Recently I took up knitting again, and started to knit bunnies, they are also partly designed by me. You can find a little about them on The Bunnybunch page.

You’re also welcome to visit my Instagram account @colorsinstylebykari where I post a mix of fashion, interior and nature photos.