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The Friday Pinspiration II

A little late, but here’s  last weeks Friday Pinspiration.

Every Friday we have a Pinspiration challenge on my Facebook group Colors in Style by Kari Community. We’re having so much fun and I teach my members about colors and contrast levels. Some weeks I choose the Pinspiration and some weeks one of my members choose the inspiration. We would love to have some new members so you are very welcome to apply.

This time I chose the inspirational picture, a very casual look most can copy.



So here’s my version. I was in a hurry so pics are not the best. I chose a coat instead of a cardigan as for me something more wind proof is more practical I would freeze in a knitted cardigan. I also had to add a scarf. I also chose a much smaller bag.

I am a Contrasting Autumn so I dress according to my season and contrast level.

Coat – Zara, sweater * Masai, jeans – Momento jeans, bag – Dune


This week it was Laurie- Annya I thought had the best outfit, she is a Light Summer and looks so elegant in her soft summer colors. The colors plays so well up with her personal coloring.  You nailed this Laurie- Annya, grey and pink for the win.

Laurie (2)

One inspirational pics, so many possibilities. It’s so fun to see all the versions every Friday.


Color analysis $299 (3)


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