The Friday Pinspiration

Every Friday we have a Pinspiration challenge on my Facebook group Colors in Style by Kari Community. We’re having so much fun and I teach my members about colors and contrast levels. Some weeks I choose the Pinspiration and some weeks one of my members choose the inspiration. We would love to have some new members so you are very welcome to apply.


This week Ulla from Sweden chose the Pinspiration (we are a very international group)

This elegant sophisticated woman who I have no idea who are looks just great in this very classic outfit. The crisp white shirt, the navy blazer, the jeans that are cuffed under, ther pearls and the Chanel like bag. The white sneakers makes the outfit more relaxed and casual.  This would be a great outfit for a contrasting winter. If the shirt had been softer white a contrasting summer could also used it. And if the shirt was more cream this would be an outfit for also contrasting springs and autumns. To be a real contrasting outfit a little splash of a bright color should be added for all the seasons. Maybe a bag in a bright color or a scarf, a bright lipstick would also make a pop.



So how to translate this outfit to a Contrasting autumn like me? I chose my copper blazer as that is what I have picked for a 10 x 10 challenge we’re also having in my group.

I also chose a cream/sand cardigan as shirts are difficult for us big chested girls and I chose to use items from my challenge. I’m not a pearl person, but I found a necklace in my jewelry box I decided to try, forgot my bag. I first tried to pose as the sophisticated sitting on a chair, but that just looked plain stupid.

20191018_172811[8398] (3)

Every week I will also feature one of my clients who I think have solved the challenge good. The criteria is they should use both their season and their contrast level.

IMG_4790 (2)

Robin is a Contrasting Solar Winter and she has picked emerald green as her main accent color this autumn. I have declared her the Poshmark queen as she has found so many great quality items on there. Poshmarks is a second hand site in USA. Fun fact, she already had planned this outfit sans the pearls before the Pinterest challenge was posted. The elements are exactly the same, but see how much difference the color does. 

So who will be featured next week???

That remains to be seen.


Color analysis $299 (3)



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