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Living Coral Pantone color of the year

I just have to say it, Coral is one of my favorite colors, and when I saw Pantone had selected this beautiful Coral as the color of the year I see there’s hope for my spring and summer wardrobe. I do have a couple of shades of coral in my personal palette. I have a few pieces of Coral in my wardrobe already, but it has been hard to find the shade I love and prefer. I cross my fingers and hope it will be easier now, after all it’s the color of the year isn’t it?

Coral is a typical spring color, so most springs can look forward to a splurge. I say most springs, because there are some springs that coral are not a great color for, but they are in a minority. Also some of us autumns can look forward to this color fiesta. Coral is a warm and bright color, so it might be a little bright for many autumns, but as always I think there will be a variety of coral colors, in different shades. An autumn would typically look for a more burnt version of the color.

For most summers and winters among us coral is not a color to count on. Again I say most, as we are quite unique in our coloring there’s always exceptions from the rule.

Last year it was a purple which was the color of the year. To be honest I didn’t see very much purple around, at least not here in Norway. Now I do hope that this year will be different. Or maybe this is the year we will se the purple and have to wait to see the coral until next year?

Next time I will write about some of the other Pantone colors for spring 2019, so stay tuned.

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