How to choose Red for the holidays

It’s not very long before we get into the holidays and red will again be a color many wants to wear. You might think you don’t suit red, but most likely you’re wrong. Most of us do suit some kind of red, until this day I’ve never seen a personal palette without any shade of red in it. True red is a color  considered a neutral as it’s neither cool or warm and can suit any season.

Red for the holidays

So that’s the good news, but does it mean we all suit true red? Not necessarily, we are all individuals and our coloring is very personal to us. Me for instance, I don’t suit True red, I need more warmth to my reds so for me Bittersweet or Tomato red are the best options.

Happy holidays

So how to pick the best red for the holidays? First of all, try the true red, it might suit you, especially if you’re one of those who suits neutral colors in the first place.  If not look for other options. If you are warm toned, a spring or an autumn you have to look for reds with a hint of yellow in it, Bittersweet and Tomato red are examples of these reds. If you’re on the cool side,  a summer or winter, try reds with a hint of blue like Blue red or Deep Rose.

Red seasons

Colors have so many names, so the shades I’ve mentioned might be called something else when you buy something. The producers use different names for the same colors, so basically you should look for a bit of warmth if you’re spring or autumn, or a hint of cool if you’re summer or winter.

It’s not always easy to see if colors are warm or cold, especially not under the fluorescent lights in the shops. This is when having a color fan of some sort is very practical, if you compare the colors with the swatches you will very clearly see if the color is cool or warm. If you still don’t know if you’re cool or warm toned, don’t hesitate to get a color analysis, you won’t regret it.

Happy Holidays everyone.



2 thoughts on “How to choose Red for the holidays”

  1. There is a red for everyone. You just have to find it. But if you don’t maybe you can choose green instead. 🙂 I suppose a color fan is very nice to have in winter darkness.


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