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Playing around with an old dress

I have this very cozy and comfy dress from Chill of Norway, it must be about 10 years old and I haven’t used it for years. It has survived all my purges, some items do for some reason. Now I wanted to see if I could use it again. I like the color of it, maybe it’s why it survived.


Ok here’s the dress….


Add a scarf, better already.


Add my new rust cardigan. Yes I could wear this, if I only could find a pair of thighs to go with this. I think finding the right tights are a big problem. I would like some which has the same color as my boots.


Now trying a navy fitted cardigan, this works too. Brown and blue looks good together. Think I need to loosen it a little though.


The navy cardigan also works.


Now the denim shirt dress, well not that bad, not really good either.


Let’s try the olive lightweight coat. Not half bad really, this  could work.


How about my Fanakofte??? Oh dear, a big NO.


And my mustard favorite sweater??? Nah, it’s relaxed though.


Ok now let’s put on black tights and boots and see if the black leather jacket could work. Oh no, not so much. I guess this jacket will be in the sell pile soon.


So so what about the striped long cardigan from Masai? Oh no!!  I ithink this will be in the sell pile too. It will probably look much better on someone else.


What about the charcoal bolero? Not that bad, but…


Let me try the long charcoal cardigan. Oh dear, who’s that frumpy old lady?



Well I had fun, and at least I found a couple of outfits I can use. I also got a look at some of the clothes I have stored in my out of season closet. I think a lot has to go.

Would you keep this dress?


Until next time


Classy yet trendy