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It’s not a Secret that Norwegians are a bunch of homelovers, I think we are one of the countries in the world which use most time and money to redecorate our homes. Maybe it’s because it’s quite cold here most of the year that we need to make our homes nice and cosy, we burn a lot of candles too especially in winter time.

I’m no exception on the contrary I use a lot of time and efford to make it nice and cosy in our home, not so much money as I like to see the options in what we already got. A lick of paint can change even the ugliest piece of furniture.

When we bought this house about three years ago my hubby believed it was virtually nothing to do here. He was so wrong, one should think he knew nothing about me.  The previous owner had painted most of the rooms right before he sold in a magnolia kind of shade. I really not to fond of magnolia and I also find it boring when nearly all rooms has the same color. I can’t relax if I don’t like the colors of the walls, so the day after we moved in I bought paint and started to paint the room we use as a walk in closet. And then I’ve slowly worked my way through the house room by room. Not quite finished yet. The guestroom could do With a makeover and I’m also at the present planning to paint the kitchenwalls some day soon.

Today I’ll show you the sitting room, or living room as some calls it. Here’s how it looked when we came to see the house for the first time. Nothing really wrong with it, but not my taste. And we also have very different furniture.

This is how it looks now, or not exactly now because at the moment my hubby has carefully rearranged the cushions all by himself.

This is how it looked a couple of weeks ago. See how much difference the cushions make. I have a variety of cushion covers and change several times a year. A very cheap and easy way to get a whole new wardrobe expression. Cushions and flowers are like the scarves in our wardrobes, change the scarf and the whole outfit looks different.

If you want to see more of my home feel free to check my instagram account @momentsintimebergen

Today it snowed again here, this spring has really started to annoy me.

Until next time.