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October Raffle

Time for a raffle. Everyone who books either a Color analysis or a body analysis in Ocober will have the possibility to win a price.

If you book a Color analysis you can win either a Body analysis or make up from Color Me Beautiful  worth $100

If you book a Body analysis you can win either a Professional color fan (that if you have a color analysis from before) or Make up from Color Me Beautiful  worth $100

Please note if you live outside USA the freight for the make up is not included in the prize.

Also note that it have to be at least 10 bookings for Color or Body analysis to do the raffle.

Color analysis – $299

Body and face analysis – $199

I also do a separate Face analysis for $59 if you book only this you can win CMB make up worth $50

There will be one winner only, and it will be a random draw November 1st.


You are also welcome to join my group on Facebook. Colors in style by Kari Community. We are a colorful bunch of people from all over the world and we have a lot of fun.


You can send me an email to if you want to book, also if you have any questions feel free to ask.




Let's have a october Raffle 3)

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10 reasons why you should get a Color analysis

Maybe you like me had a color analysis in the 80’s or 90’s? Maybe you were happy with the result and has remained true to your season ever after? Or maybe not? Color analysis now are very different from back then. It has been a tremendous development and now the Color alliance system can provide you with your unique palette made out from your personal coloring. You will not only know your season, but also your contrast level and if you can borrow colors from other seasons your personal palette will contain these colors, too.

For many years fashion industry brain washed us to believe that black is a color for everyone, they even managed to brain wash me. I found it difficult to find colors from my spring palette and if you looked for anything else then black you had a hard time, so in the end I gave in and followed the crowd. A couple of years ago my wardrobe was at least 80% black, and for some reason I was unable to see that it was not a good color for me. When I look at myself in the mirror I’m not able to tell, but when I look at photos I can tell immediately. The thing is I rarely saw photos of me, after all I’m not in the selfie generation and i have been the photographer and not the model for the most. When I on occasions saw a photo of myself, looking really drab and tired in my black clothes I just assumed it was how I looked. Age does take it’s toll after all.


Long story short, I discovered the concept capsule wardrobe and started to write this blog, my friend Kari persuaded me to be a model myself- (in the beginning I used a mannequin doll)  It went surprinsingly well and I actually didn’t look drab, tired and old on the pics. Why? Because i had packed away my black clothes for summer and spring and decided to use navy as my base color. When autumn came I decided to use black as base again. And what a difference. These 2 pics taken in same light conditions within an hour convinced me to never wear black close to my face again.

I also decided to get a new color analysis, as I struggled with my spring colors from the 80’s. To my surprise I came out as an autumn, I was a bit sceptical in the beginning as these were colors I’ve never used before. I bought my first items in my new palette and:

GAMECHANGER, not to mention LIFECHANGER as I  not only found my colors, but also a new career. After a year I took a course and was certified a Color and style analyst in the Color Alliance system. Now my mission is to help others find their true colors.

So here’s 10 good reasons to have a color analysis:

  1. You look younger and more radiant in your true colors.
  2. You feel much better when using colors that really suits you. Somehow we subconcious know when the colors are wrong. but we are not always aware they can make a difference between a good or a less good day.
  3. When you use your palette, you will avoid buying clothes which you will hardly use or never use at all. Who has never had clothes in their wardrobe with tags on? Of course they need also to be for your bodytype, not only color.
  4. You will save money, not only because you don’t buy the wrong colors, but also because you will be much more concious when shopping.
  5. It will save you time, not only when dressing, but also when out shopping. You will no longer waste time in the morning to find a scarf for that exact top, because now most your scarves goes with most your tops. And when you’re shopping you know which colors to try on and you know you don’t even have to look at the clothes in the wrong colors.
  6. You will have more colors to play with, sounds contradicting? Not at all, in your very personal palette you will get 40 colors in hue, intensity and colors for your unique coloring. Maybe you think you don’t suit red, but most likely you do, you just haven’t tried on your red yet.
  7. To buy make up will be much easier, especially lipstick and nailpolish. You just bring your palette and find a color that matches your swatches. You will also know if you’re cool or warm, and which intensity you should choose out from your contrast level.
  8. If you dye your hair it will also be easier as you will know what to ask for when you’re at the hairdresser. Let’s face it not all hairdressers would know if you should have a cold or a warm hair color. And if you dye your hair yourself you will know what to look for.
  9. You will receive many compliments when wearing your true colors. You just as well get used to it, and learn how to say thank you.
  10. It’s a good investment in yourself, in your self confidence and who don’t want to not only look younger, better, more radiant and in the same time save money in the long run?

If you’re interested in a color analysis I am here to help you out. I work with clients both online and in person., I aim to make the online analysis as personal as possible so during the process I talk at least 3 times with my clients in face to face calls. It’s a longer and more complicated process online than in person, but the result will be the same.

Price is $ 299,- this includes a customized color fan, make up tips and we go through the fan together after you receive it.

You can contact me on the contact page or send an e-mail to kari@colorsinstyle.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest: Colors in style by Kari

Until next time