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It’s all in the details – Homeknitted socks

I’ve been looking a while for chunky wool socks in one of my colors. It has been s mission impossible as these socks obviously have to be grey. I found a pair of army green ones, but only in big sizes. I can’t live without knitted wool socks and the grey socks always stuck out like a sore thumb.


The other day i bought some yarn in a rust color, had no idea what to knit of it, but then it struck me. Socks, why don’t I knit my own socks. Then the old “I’m not any good at knitting socks” syndrom came up. Hello?!? I’ve knitted one pair of socks in my life, I was 17 and they looked really bad and was totally unwearable. This sock disaster has stuck with me for almost 40 years now and I’ve told myself knitting socks are not for me. Until now.


So that’s why I’m proud to say, I’ve knitted a pair of socks which are not only wearable, but they go with the rest of my colors and do not stick out like a the famous sore thumb. Now sock knitting is on my agenda,  I will knit, green, navy, mustard, brown and coral socks. I will knit socks in all other colors than grey. I can do it, I master the sock knitting game. It’s never to late to bury the I cant’s !!!


Now my socks goes with the rest, it’s all in the details.


Until next time



5 thoughts on “It’s all in the details – Homeknitted socks”

  1. I love that sock pattern, super cute! Socks are one of my favorite things to knit 😀. How exciting to overcome a fear and find something new to love!!


  2. Kari l love the socks! They look so warm and cozy, perfect for snuggling in on a cold winter day! I’ll have to remember you the next time I think, “I can’t…”. And btw I also LOVE that sweater!


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