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Autumn leaves

This autumn has so far been so been so wet, it has constantly been pouring down more or less all October. In between we’ve had a couple of sunny days, but so few we can count them on one hand really. When I look back at the clothes I’ve used the raincoat and the waterproof boots are the most used items. I’ve been longing to use the rust coat I bought in London in September, but so far it’s only been in use 4-5 times. At least I have some pics of it from our last photoshoot. This was October 1st and it was the kind of autumn weather we really long for. The days when sun is shining and the autumn leaves explodes in all the autumn colors that we love so much.


Coat – Zara, sweater – Masai, pants-2nd unit, boots – Timberland


Can we hope for a better November??? So far it’s not exactly improved a lot, or at all.


The other day we had a hint of the kind of autumn we want, you know a day when you actually can smell the autumn, the crisp, cold air. I think it’s one of my favourite smells.


What’s really difficult in the autumn/winter is to get to do a photo shoot. We have to do it in the weekend and it has to be nice weather. Ha ha like that’s going to happen any time soon, but we can cross our fingers. Maybe next weekend??


Scarf – In wear, shirt – Dranella



I’m currently preparing my winter capsule, It won’t be that many changes from the autumn capsule, I’ve removed some items and added some. I’m going to show you in my next post what I’ve planned for the winter.

Shirt – Fransa, jeans – Fiveunits, vest – Life Time (Sparkjøp), scarf – Holzweiler, boots – Timberland

I have bought a pair of winter boots, a merino wool shirt and this fake fur vest for the winter capsule, but that’s all I’m going to buy. In fact I have decided to not buy anything new before next year. Ok now it’s official so I really can’t go back on it.



Until next time


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