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30×30 challenge-Days 21-30 – Review

Since I mostly lived life in slow motion, my outfits haven’t been very exiting the past 10 days. I had a dentist appointment and also have been to my dermatologist,  that’s about it. My days have been spent knitting, reading and a couple of walks in the rain. I also dyed some clothes, I will show them in another post. Here’s 2 of my outfits the past 10 days. The ones worth mentioning.

My 30×30 challenge ended yesterday, so how did I do? What did I love, what couldn’t I live without and what did I not like that much?

The list of my 30 items changed a bit during the month, I took out some items before I used them and replaced them with better options. I thought I used a couple of extras, but when the end of the month came I actually worn exactly 30 items, not included accessories.

Here’s my original list:

And this is what I ended up with:

I replaced the yellow dress because when I finally received it, it turned out to be the ugliest dress ever. It was replaced by a navy dress with white stripes from Jean Paul.

Quite soon I also took the cream sweater from the 30, it wasn’t warm enough for this October so I replaced it with a rust cardigan.

For some reason I never wore the faux suede waterfall cardigan, so I replaced it with a quilted jacket which I needed when I was in Oslo a couple of days. I didn’t have room for the rust coat in my carry on and needed a lighter option.

Due to wet and cold weather I never got to wear the cognac shoes or the suede boots, those were replaced by rain boots and my waterproof utility jacket.

This is what I couldn’t have lived without:

1. The raincoat from BRGN

2. I soon missed my Timberland waterproof utility jacket as this is a bit more casual than the raincoat.

3. Timberland waterproof boots

4. Ilse Jacobsen rain boots, can’t wear same boots every day so needed 2 waterproof options.

5. Leather coated jeans, very practical when it’s pouring down.

6 and 7 My cozy pants from Global funk and 2nd one, seriously I could have lived in those pants.

8. My versatile dress from Moves by Minimum. It’s so practical to wear a dress when it’s raining. You can read why Here

My favorites:

1. Rust cardigan from Zavanna

2. Navy cardigan from Lindex, navy sweater from Oxmo and mustard jeans from Floyd.

3. Rust coat from Zara, I didn’t get to wear it much due to the weather.

4. Homeknitted (not by me) Fanakofte

5. Mustard sweater from Masai and kosebukse from Global funk.

6.  Soft blazer from Penn&Ink and dark blue jeans from Fiveunits.

Not so much.


1. Sweater from Lindex, I would have loved it if it was a cardigan, the neckline is wrong for me. Note to self, look for cardigans and V-neck. Don’t ever buy crew neck sweaters and tees again.

2. Olive tee, don’t particularly like the print, makes it less versatile.

3. Off white shirt from Dranella, it’s a bit to white for my complexion and I don’t like the arms on it. Needs to be replaced with a more cream colored one. No rush though.

4. Charcoal Cardigan from H&M, a bit to chunky and not very good quality. Will eventually be replaced with a long cardigan of better quality and possibly also another color. No rush though.

5. Navy and white striped dress from Jean Paul. Actually I like everything but the stripes. I feel all I can see is the stripes. I can try to soften the stripes by putting the dress in tea, then stripes will be more off white or even taupe, I can dye it with blue dye.

So this was my summary of the 30×30 challenge, would I do it again? Definitely, I guess I’m almost doing it already more or less. I think next time I’ll leave out the outerwear and shoes, as our weather is to unpredictable to decide shoes and outerwear for a month. I managed this time due to the pouring rain most of the time.



3 thoughts on “30×30 challenge-Days 21-30 – Review”

  1. Kari this was fun to watch, I can’t believe it’s over already! So you have six pieces firmly in the keep/love section of the wardrobe…I love the pictures of the outfit evolution…styling versus just wearing. Love the pics, too.


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