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30 x 30 Challenge – Day 11-20

Day 20 already, and still no problem using the 30 items only. I have now removed a pair of shoes from the list, it’s a pair of cognac Ecco flats, which I haven’t used so far in October and probably won’t use either. It has been boot weather most of the time. I haven’t put in anything to replace the shoes, so now I’m one item short. Here’s all my outfits so far in this challenge.


I’m not going to bore you with all my outfits, in this period I’ve spent a couple of days indoors with no outfits to talk about, comfy pants and a sweater has been the uniform.


Days 11 and 12

I was still in Oslo cuddeling my little sweetie.  Went to the mall and found a rust cardigan and a scarf. 2 outfits on day 12, first shoes and quilted jacket when I was at the mall.  I went home again to Bergen in the evening and travelled with my boots and raincoat.

Day 13

Home again. Had to try my new cardigan with my signature dress. Everything goes with this dress, not kidding. Haven’t been able to find a photo of my cardigan online, so this is just an illustration, mine is more rust than the illustration. The one I’ve got is from Zavanna and was NOK 399,-


Day 14

I wore the new scarf for the first time and also the mustard cardigan from Floyd which I bought last year.


Day 15

Not worth mentioning, just staying home, happy not to have any other plans other than knitting.

Day 16

Was the day I used a lot of time to find out how to take a full figure photo using the timer on my phone. You can read about it here. This blogpost turned out to be very popular, so fun that so many liked  it.


Day 17

Another rainy day, cuddling up in the sofa in my homemade sweater and writing a blogpost about how to make it cozy the Scandinavian way.  So many have been asking if I could show more of our interior and now I finally got round to do it. You can find the post here.


Day 18

I dressed up and went to town, had to buy yarn and met a friend for dinner. It was sunshine, which was quite a shock after all that rain. Even pulled out my sunglasses, imagine that!! I used the opportunity to wear my London coat, bought at Zara in September. I also wore the rust cardigan and the new scarf. I think this is one of my favorite outfits ever. This cardigan and the scarf will be used a lot and is a good addition to my wardrobe, Both bought at Bogerud at Stovner senter, they also have this in the Zavanna shops.


Day 19

Really not worth mentioning, sweater and comfy pants and a quick walk to buy some food.

Day 20

Now it’s raining a lot, I’m cuddling up in my mustard sweater from Masai again at the moment, but earlier I had a few errands and wore this.  I also brought my umbrella, can’t leave home without it.


10 days to go on the 30×30 challenge, I believe it will be no problem to make it. It’s really a good exercise to do. I have found my true favourites and also a couple of items I’m not that happy with.

Starting to get used to my new look. At first I was like omg what have I done?? Now I think it’s OK. And it’s so easy, just wash and go. No hairdryer, just one styling product, no curling iron, no rollers, not any fuzz with my hair turning flat after 20 minutes despite all the hard work.

If you want to see more details about my clothes, which brands etc you can find a list here.


Until next time



Classy yet trendy


2 thoughts on “30 x 30 Challenge – Day 11-20”

  1. Hi Kari
    It’s Elizabeth your Sydney friend….
    I have finally been able to like and respond to your blog by joining word press.
    I think the numbers that read and like your blog may be wrong because of this. I for one have read all you post and as you know I love them. I hope you find the time and inspiration to continue.
    Take care
    Elizabeth Barker.


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