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The art of making it cozy the Scandinavian way

The Scandinavian countries have a lot of things in common, we are all kingdoms and we’re all democratic countries. We also understand each other’s languages, well more or less. We also like to make it cozy in our homes. We use different words for it, us Norwegians call it Koselig, the Danes use the word  Hygge and in Sweden they use the word Mysig.


All photos from our home, many of you capsule sisters have asked to see more of our interior. We have a mix of old and new, old antiques mixed with just about anything. My dear hubby is quite handy and has made the console table behind the sofa and also the headboard.  As you might see, the interior is changing all the time, just like the weather. I don’t buy very much, I just move things around and change the flowers and the cushion covers.



So why is it so important to us all this coziness? It probably has to do with our long dark winters, we need to fill our lives with some Kos to endure the cold and darkness. We put on our cozy pants (kosebukser), we lit our candles, we curl up in our sofas with our cups of tea or hot chocolate and we just make it comfortable and cozy. We put on our woolen socks and homeknitted sweaters and enjoy our homes, which ofcourse are really cozy. Cushions, sheepskin, rugs and candles, lots of candles. Even at daytime we lit our candles. In the middle of the winter we hardly have any daylight at all. Where I live it gets dark at four in the afternoon, further north it’s dark for a couple of months, that means no daylight at all, until the sun comes back in February sometime.


In Bergen where I live it’s normally not that cold, but we have a lot of rain and wind, normal temperatures is between 2 and 10 degrees Celsius (35-50 F), but it can also -10 degrees Celsius (14 F) or less for long periods. We just never know, the past winters has been mild though.  Some winters we can have a lot of snow, but normal winters we only have snow a couple of days at the time. If we drive for an hour or two we get up in the mountains where there’s lots of snow. Many of us has cabins in the mountains and of course the cabins are as cozy or maybe even cozier than our homes.


Interior and interior design is important to us, we work on our homes constantly, we paint, redecorate and change style, but most of us need it to be cozy. Even  in the most minimalistic home you’ll most likely find a sheepskin and candles, lot of candles.


So do we ever go out?? Oh yes, we do like to walk, especially if the weather is ok, we walk in the mountains or in the woods. If it’s snow most of us like to ski, it’s a saying that we Norwegians are born with skies on our feet. (I’m an exception, I can’t ski at all, in fact last time I tried I ended up fracturing  my tail bone. That’s also why we don’t have a cabin in the mountains, or actually we do, a very small one, but we only use it in the summer.)


And after our walks, with or without skies, we get home to our house or our cabin, we lit our candles, we sit in front of our fireplace with our sheepskins, in our kosebukser and we drink our tee. We watch sports on TV, cross country skiing, ski jumping and biathlon ( I remember the first time my Chinese daughter in law watched biathlon, she screamed: Omg are they going to shoot  each other????) And all the time we have a koselig time, because that’s what’s it’s all about. We need it, we need our candles, our sheepskin, our kosebukser and we need our cozy homes and biathlon on TV. We need koselig.


Today we have the remains of the hurricane Ophelia, lucky for us the last of her strength was taken out on Ireland, now she’s just holding a lot of water, and we’re used to a lot of water so it’s really not much difference.

Now i I long for the winter, I hope this year we get some real winter.

Until next time



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6 thoughts on “The art of making it cozy the Scandinavian way”

  1. Wow, Kari, how lovely! It looks like a model home here in the states where they stage a home in order to sell it. Wish you could come design my home interior!


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