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Dressing up a sweat pant

One of my favourites this autumn and also last autumn and winter are these sweat pants from Global Funk. They are made of a suede like material and are very comfortable. I wear them a lot, and I love that I can dress them up a bit. Comfort and style, what’s not to love.

When pics where taken I was in desperate need for a haircut, and some color. Now that is sorted out, I have now hardly any hair left haha.

Sweater- Masai, pants – Global funk, shoes – Nude of Scandinavia

This is one of my absolute favourite outfits this autumn, I could live in this. When I wear this I’m really in my comfort zone.

Blazer – Penn&ink, shirt – Dranella, pants – Global Funk,scarf – Covent garden market

Stepping up a notch, but still a relaxed outfit. Note to self, keep an eye out for a better fitting shirt in a cream color.

Blazer – Claire, boots – Russell& Bromley

Still the same pants and shirt, but with another blazer and a scarf. Don’t know the brand of the scarf, but I recently bought it. I’ve seen it in several colors in different shops.


Same outfit, different scarf. Also this from the Covent garden market.


All items here are also in my 30×30 challenge, I can mix and match and create endless outfits. I haven’t limited my scarves and accsessories in the 30×30 challenge, a scarf can make a really big difference in many outfits.


Another rainy day here in Bergen, I think Netflix and knitting is on the agenda today. I’m trying to design a teddybear, in between the bunny knitting.


Until next time


4 thoughts on “Dressing up a sweat pant”

  1. I tried to look on the Global Funck website but it does not seem to work from the UK. I do have sweat pants but only wear them for changing into when I get home from work. Your article has given me some ideas.


    1. Try to search for Global funk sixty or for 2nd one Miley and see if anyone in U.K. has one of these. If not I’m sure there is these kind of dressy sweatpants in U.K. too. The clue is to get some that does not scream sweat pants.


  2. I have not been able to jump on the jogger train because I feel that they won’t look right on me. I like your ideas and combinations. I may need to step out of my comfort zone, as I like how you have dressed yours up.

    I love your choice of scarf colors. Beautiful!


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