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30 x 30 CHALLENGE – DAY 6-10

A little late, but here’s my update on the 30×30 challenge. I have been visiting one of my grandchildren this week and have been busy cuddling with her.

I have also taken some of the items out of my 30×30 and replaced them, this is partly due to my travelling this week. I packed in a carry on and had to bring a quilted jacket as there was no room for the rust colored coat, I removed the waterfall cardigan. I also removed a cream sweater and replaced it with a rust cardigan I bought in Oslo, I think this will be more versatile and the cardigan is also warmer.

30x30 230x30 1

Day 6

This was a another rainy day, I spent most days at home, what’s new?? I had to run out for a short while and I grabbed my Timberland coat and my rubber boots. Bummer, they were so conviently placed and I just threw them on without thinking.


antrekk 6
Sweater – Oxmo (Sparkjøp), Pants – Global Funk (can’t find pic of the ones I really have, so this is just an illustration) Scarf- Massimo Dutti, coat – Timberland, boots – Ilse Jacobsen


Day 7

Saturday and we had a dinner party with friends. I decided to keep it quite casual, jeans and floral blouse. Sandals are my every day lounge wear, so they are not in the list. Ha ha is this cheating? Blouse from In wear, jeans from Fiveunits, sandals bought in Croatia last summer. They are very similar to  Birkenstocks, actually made at the same factory. The price is very much more pleasant. So if ever in Croatia look for Futti sandals they sell them in the drugstores.

Day 8

A lazy Sunday, watching TV and recovering after the dinner party which was really nice. Food, wine and good company, what’s not to like? It was really cold this day and we actually cuddled up in front of the fire place for the first time this autumn.


antrekk 8
Sweater – Lindex, pants – Global Funk


Day 9

Travelling day, spending 4 days in Oslo with my son and his family. Main attraction my 7 week old granddaughter, she’s just so cute. I miss both my little princesses and they both live so far away. I do wish they will come live closer to their grandma.

I travelled in raincoat from BRGN, sweater from Masai, jeans from Fiveunits, Timberland boots and carried my Fjällreven totepack no 1.

Day 10

Cuddling day, what’s nicer for a grandma than to be with the grandchildren??


antrekk 10
Long sleeved tee – Part Two, scarf – Part Two, cardigan – Holly&Whyte (Lindex) quilted jacket -Jean Paul, sweat pants – 2nd one, boots – Timberland. 


I kept my packing to a minimum this time, 4 days in a carry on. Travelling without checked in luggage is easy, I will try to do this a lot more, having a capsule wardrobe makes it possible. Here’s my packlist.


Next update will come soon. Tomorrow is day 15 and I’m already half way through the challenge, and I still have items I’ve not worn.


Until next time




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