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30 x 30 challenge – Day 1-5

Day 5 already, how time flies. Here’s the first 5 outfits in the challenge. Have to say weather has been challenging, it’s been raining almost non stop all week, and yesterday it even hailed a little. My new raincoat has proven to be waterproof that’s for sure.

Day 1 Sunday

Actually it was a little sunshine and we used the opportunity to do a photo shoot. At the end of our shoot the rain came. It was nice to get home, put on my Fanakofte  (home knitted sweater) and drink a nice cup of tea after a couple of hours outside in the cold weather.

Long sleeved tee -Minimum, jeans – Fiveunits, homeknitted sweater, raincoat -BRGN, necklace – Syster P

Day 2

I did what I preach and wore a dress in the pouring rain. It sure works, the tights dries up very fast once you get in, no need to change.

Dress – Minimum,cardigan – H&M, coat -BRGN, boots- Timberland, bag – Fjallreven

Day 3

Exiting day as I chopped off most of my hair. I don’t have a car so I walk a lot, I have about a mile to get to the bus when I’m going somewhere. Probably why I’m so concerned about what to wear when it’s raining. It rained a lot, but I was lucky, it didn’t rain at all when I was out walking, but as soon as I got in, oh my ☔️ I cheated a little though, the Ilse Jacobsen boots are not on the list, but boots like this is more a necessity and even if my Timberlands are waterproof I don’t always trust them when it’s a lot of water on the ground.

Long sleeved tee- Minimum, jeans – Fiveunits, blazer – Penn&ink, coat -BRGN, boots – Ilse Jacobsen, bag – Fjallreven also wore the £2,50 from Covent garden market


Day 4

I had a dentist appointment, but I managed to miss, I was sure I was going to be there at 2 o’clock, but it was a 12 o’clock appointment. It’s not the first time, it never happened before, but after I got ill I mix up times and appointments all the time. It’s so embarrassing. Anyway when the dentist called I was on my way out to take back some skirts I tried out. I was going to do that before my dentist appointment. This day I was not so lucky, when I walked to the bus it was pouring down with rain and hail. The raincoat sure showed what it was made of and I arrived safe and dry to the mall.

Dress -Jean Paul, cardigan -H&M, coat – BRGN, boots – Timberland, bag – Fjallreven

Hang on a minute, this dress was not on the list over the 30 items  am I cheating already?? No, I had to replace the Kari dress I’d been waiting for a whole month. When it finally arrived it was such a disappointment. First of all, I thought I ordered a loose relaxed dress. Well it was nothing loose and relaxing about it, it was like a body con. And the color, well what can I say, it wasn’t exactly my kind of color. The whole thing looked more like a Star Trek costume, it’s going straight back where it came from. Ah well, you win some and loose some, on the bright side I saved some money.  My substitute is this striped dress from Jean Paul.


Day 5

Such a dark and rainy day, again. I’m going nowhere and feel the urge for something comfy and cozy. The choice is easy, my soft and comfy sweatpants from Global funk and my favorite sweater from Masai are clear winners. Adds a little color too on this very dark day.

Sweater – Masai, sweatpants- Global funk, sandals – Futti  bought in Croatia ( I wear these in the house almost every day) 

This was my five first days, so far so good. I have a couple of brave ladies who’s joined me in this challenge, actually you really don’t need to be that brave, 30 items is a lot to work with.


Sånn går nu dagan.

Until next time


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