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Recently I spent almost a week in London. I love London and have been there many times, my eldest son lives there so it’s natural for me to visit London quite often. This time we travelled with some of our best friends. Boys had ordered tickets to Wembley to see a football match (soccer as you Americans call it) and us girls had a bra fitting appointment at John Lewis and  Afternoon tea booking in a very posh restaurant.


So lets talk bras, for me to discover that I need a new bra is really a night mare. Even if I go to the special stores in Bergen or in Oslo I often have to leave with no bra, or if I should be lucky to find one that fits it’s never one I think is pretty or the color I would like, I just have to settle with something half good. I’ve always wanted a T-shirt bra for instance, but I always end up with the ones with seams that shows under a T-shirt. I’ve been told they don’t make T-shirt bras in big cups so I had kind of given up on that. Until now, it took the lovely fitter in John Lewis lingerie department about ten minutes to find me not only a bra that fitted, but also the T-shirt bra which I dreamed about. It seems like the producer Fantasie has finally managed to make a T-shirt bra for us busty girls, halleluja. I went out from John Lewis with 3 of the same bra in different colors, so now I hope I don’t have to go bra shopping anytime soon. I can highly recommend the Lingerie department at John Lewis, I visit every time I go to London. You can book an appointment online, it’s a popular service so be sure to book a couple of weeks before you go to London. They don’t charge you anything for the fitting and the bras are 3-400 NOK cheaper than the same bra in Norway.


This is the one I bought, Fantasie Rebecca


Afternoon tea at Hotel Cafe Royal in Regent street was a luxury me and my friend had dreamed about for some years. The room was golden and very posh. We had a waiter we didn’t understand as his eastern european accent was quite strong and he talked real fast, so we just nodded and pretended to understand. So what is afternoon tea? Someone might think it’s just a cup of tea, but oh no it’s som much more than that. First it’s a selection of deliocious sandwiches, and when sandwiches are eaten it is served a selection of pasteries and also scones, clutted cream and jam. It’s actually a lot of food.



Shopping, well I had a couple of things on my list, bras ofcourse and a scarf in my colors. I searched long and hard for the scarf, but eventually I found not only one but two scarf in the market hall in Covent garden. 2 light weight soft scarves for £5 ($7, NOK 50) I also bought 2 square silk scarves for £10. I’m sure I will show these scarves in several blogposts later. I also bought a coat at Zara in a Mahogany color. I just love Covent Garden, I always have to visit when in London. It’s something about the atmosphere in Covent garden I just love. This time we found the loveliest floorist shop just as we entered Covent garden, I could have spent hour there. Don’t remember the name unfortunately. I also got my first tatoo in Covent garden, fortunately it’s gone now.



When in London you have to visit pubs, our local was the Sherlock Holmes close to Trafalgar square.


We had crispy duck in Chinatown, Southern fried chicken in Covent Garden and Indian in Soho and when my darling and our friends went home Monday I stayed a couple of days with my son and daughter in law, and of course with my little cutiepie Mia who’s now one month old. I cuddled her for three days before I had to go home. My daughter in laws parents were also visiting from China, it was like living in a Chinese restaurant where several delicious dishes was served three times a day. My daughter in laws lovely mum sure is a good cook.

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    1. Always something new to discover even after eight years. I love John Lewis and I agree, I could spend a day in the interior department. Luckily I wouldn’t be able to bring much home. Maybe next time I’m in London we could meet up for a afternoon tea. Xx


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