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I love mustard

This might not come as a surprise to you if you’ve read any of my blogposts this autumn, but I love mustard. Mustard and ochre is well presented in my wardrobe this autumn. It started last autumn really when I bought a pair of mustard jeans and a long mustard cardigan. In February I bought a home knitted traditional sweater in cream and ochre. I had tons of compliments when wearing this for the first time, so I thought that maybe I was into something color wise. Here’s my mustard/ochre items all in one post.

Jeans- Floyd from last year, Scarf and Blazer – Massimo Dutti  a few years old, boots – Russell & Bromley also a few years old

My first mustard piece of clothing, I really don’t think I had anything in mustard ever before this pair of jeans from Floyd.


Cardigan – Floyd, last year, Scarf – Becksondergaard, a few years old, Dress – Designers Remix, this year Bag – Campomaggi, few years old


My second mustard yellow item also from last fall and from Floyd. I mostly buy Floyd at the Freequent shop in Galleriet. I really like the service there.

Sweater – Home knitted Fanakofte, Dress – Moves Minimum, from last year, Scarf – Rosenvinge, last year

In February I bought this Fanakofte as this traditional sweater is called. It was such luck I found it in a buy and sell group in Facebook. It took me half a second from i saw until I contacted the woman who knitted it. Sometimes you just fall in love. She knitted it for her daughter, but it was to small for her, lucky for me. I absolutely love this sweater and it will probably be in my wardrobe for decades.



I packed the jeans and cardigan away for the spring/summer, but my Fanakofte was often in use all spring and summer. It’s the kind of garment you can just throw over just about anything if it’s a bit chilly.


This fall I fell in love again first time I saw a picture of this sweater from the Danish brand Masai. It’s cotton with a small percentage of wool and polyester. Very comfortable. It will keep well,  I have had many clothes from this brand before and have always been very satisfied with the quality and the fit. Especially if you are Plus size this is a really good brand, they really know how to make clothes that looks good even if you are overweight. I always felt very comfortable in my Masai clothes when I had 30 ponds more on my body.


These are my mustard/ochre items, I’m knitting a scarf and a hat for the winter season and I have a lighter scarf in the color too.


I’ve also ordered a dress from the Norwegian brand Secrets by B, I will receive it next week. I’m really exited about the dress and do hope it fits me. It has my name all over it, literally,  as it’s called Kari. 8C0A6190lite-650x650

This dress can go either way, it can be absolutely a disaster on me, or it can be fabolous, I’m of course hoping for the last.

So this is the mustard/ochre items in my wardrobe. I only wear them one at the time, they are the spice in my wardrobe this fall. The color is so versatile, it goes with black, brown, navy, olive and most neutral colors.

I’ve chosen to write only in English today. Writing a blog is very time consuming and writing in two languages even more time consuming. If you’re a Norwegian reading my blogg and don’t understand much English please let me know and I’ll take the time to write in Norwegian too.


Until next time

Kari v

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