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New blouse – so many options

When you have a capsule wardrobe you have to be a bit piccy when you buy something new. I’ve been looking for a patterned blouse for a while now and yesterday I found it.

Mariposa blouse from InWear

I asked myself these questions which I learned from Leanne in Classy yet trendy

1. Does it go with 3 other items in my capsule?
2. How many outfits can I create with this item?
3. Does it fit with my personal style?
4. Does the fit and fabric and color work for me?
5. Will this work with my lifestyle.

If you can answer yes on all those questions, go ahead and buy it.

So does it go with 3 other items in my capsule, definitely yes. It goes with most of my capsule, I just tried several options. I couldn’t find picture of my exact blouse online so the one in the collage is the shirt in same material and pattern.


As you can see it goes with 5 of my blazers/cardigans, 5 of my bottoms, at least 4 pairs of my shoes/boots and my olive green, light coat. It can probably be worn with other items in my capsule aswell. I even have a scarf that goes with it.


How many outfits can I make with it?? Oh I really don’t know, at least 10 probably many more.

Does it fit with my personal style? Yes I think it does, I felt it was me in a way. It has a little relaxed kind of boho feeling and I can dress it up and down as I please.

Does the fabric, fit work for me? Yes, it has a V neck which suits me well, fabric is also nice. I have also added color as this is very important. All the colors here are in my palette which I got when I had my colors done

Will it work with my lifestyle?? Well that’s the question I can’t answer a definitive yes on, I will use it when traveling and when I dress up to go somewhere like for a dinner with friends. For my daily life, not so much. I will sure use it in photo shoots though. And hopefully one day I’ll be able to work again.


I bought this blouse at Vic Bergen Storsenter and have to say the service there was excellent. Sometimes you just find salespersons that loves their job and knows what good service is. And no, I’m not sponsored in any way, it’s just my honest opinion.

Until next time


linkup: Ladies who link up party  Classy yet trendy



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