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Clothes talk

It’s funny how much clothes means for our comfort and self confidence. The fit, the colour, it has to be right or else your clothes does nothing for you. I believe we subconsciously know, but that we have lost the ability to listen to what the clothes tells us. Now that I had a couple of photo shoots I get more and more aware what suits me and what’s not. I see myself from the outside,  no one has ever taken photos of me like this before, in fact it could be years between when I saw a photo of me in full figure.  Also the concept of a capsule wardrobe makes me more aware, as I’m working through my clothes, purging, again and again to find which justifies to get space in my closet. I still have a long way to go, but I might get there some day. Now with change of season I go through all again, trying, failing, failing, failing, but in between there’s gold. Here’s some outfits from spring/summer (and a little fall) that I’m really pleased with, I feel they’re me and I feel comfortable and confident wearing them.



The striped dress was definitely a winner, it proved itself to be so versatile, I could dress it up and down as I pleased. Well spent money, NOK 499,- at Lindex. I can bring it with me to my fall capsule also as you can see. Together with my boots from Timberland (also well spent money, even if they were quite expensive when I bought them six years ago) and my new statement piece of a sweater I don’t have to freeze in the striped dress.




Another winner, the patterned dress which I bought on sale last December for only NOK 299 at Message. This is the dress I’ve dressed up, or down for every season, and I still have some outfits not yet shown with this dress. On these pics also other winners like the green cardigan, the striped blazer, and my beloved homeknitted Fanakofte. They all really earn space in my closet.
Another dress, which I sadly haven’t worn that much is my By Timo dress, the most expensive dress I own. It a very summery dress and since we had hardly no summer at all it didn’t get to use it much.
Another piece not being used as much for the same reason is this off shoulder blouse from Lindex. I still think they earn they’re space as I do love them and will wear them again.




And then the jeans, you never go wrong with a pair of jeans. I only have 4 pair of blue jeans and I think that is just the perfect quantity. We really don’t need a gazillion pair of jeans in out wardrobes. Did you ever count how many pairs you have?  The blazers also really deserve space in my closet, so do the pink denim and the white shirt.
And now onto the not so flattering outfits, outfits I thought would work, but when I saw the photos I realised they didn’t.


When I see these pics it’s like my whole body and my expressions says, please get me out of this outfit. My subconscious tells me that this doesn’t work for me. The jeans jacket, the blue shirt, green coat and cream sweater still deserves space as they work in other outfits, the 2 dresses and the striped trousers will have to go.
If anyone also wants me to write this in Norwegian, please let me know and I will take my time to do it later. Right now I need to get away from the computer.
Om noen ønsker jeg skal skrive dette innlegget på Norsk også så gi en lyd da vel, enten her eller på Facebook siden. Akkurat nå kjenner jeg at jeg har satt for lenge ved PCen.
Until next time



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